Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Charles The Great

Underlying reason for the English Civil War was to safe-conduct the rights of fan tan. Contributing factors: A. Charles I was faced with the need to house taxes after(prenominal) the expenditures of his predecessor. I. fantan presents The Petition of Right in 1628 i. Only fantan can raise taxes ii. It is illegal to quarter soldiers iii. Arbitrary bonds is against commonalty Law (broadly covered the increasing cases of torture, ta world government agency of orphic property, and execution without due process) B. Charles I refused to acknowledge the Petition, fade out Parliament, and rule alone for 11 years, raising funds by elevated illegal taxes such as ship notes C. In 1640, facing attack by Scotland for attempting to impose change ghostly policies, Charles re-summoned parliament, only to be told that it would never consent until he met their conditions: i. face-lift taxes ii. Allow broader religious freedom iii. Call Parliament every leash years iv. D. Charles I again refused (he was an autocrat at heart) E. 1642 took a dependent on(p) of soldiers to arrest 5 members of Parliament, who had been warned take out F.
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Raised an army the Royalists to fight the Parliamentarians the Roundheads G. 1646 1648 might and parliament began negotiations, to which neither the king nor the individual members of Parliament could agree. Charles was on the QT negotiating with the Scots. H. 1648 Oliver Cromwell military drawing card ejected moderates from parliament and insisted on executing the king in January 16! 49 England became a republic, and then disintegrated into a tyranny at a depress place Oliver Cromwell until 1658 By 1660, the people were fed up and demanded the retrieve of the monarchy. epilog: Charles II was refreshingly unconcerned with politics, and more implicated in carousing. With no legitimate heir, the throne passed to his staunchly Catholic brother, who was constrained to abdicate in favor of his Protestant...If you want to carry a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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