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The visual features which were tack together unacceptable or challenging to existing art conventions and social value were of many. During the 19th century, it was regarded improper for women to be alone with men who were not relatives, therefore the concept of a nude female model working in an art studio was considered highly immoral.This was a time for revolution in art which related to science, a non-traditional European culture, the growing social invade for the common man and a womans conservative self. Young artists found themselves spurned by art academies like the Paris Salon. From this conflict emerged Impressionism. Women were a condescend subject in Impressionist art and they were often depicted as objects of beauty, purity, and delicacy often in gardens, baths and home with children.Conceptual Framework Many parvenue techniques and characteristics atomic number 18 found common In Impressionist art, this including harsh beardown(prenominal) lines, contrasted colors, sketch like paintings, broken color, subject matters exposed in patient of areas of light, Chevrons color theory, eviction of light as color rather than tone, ignitor of color, Informal composition, rejected traditional techniques and Influenced by Japanese prints and delineationgraphy.Frames Henry De Toulouse- Latters At the Million Rouge has captivated an quick photo like artwork considering the Immediate and rapid capture of the movement and characteristic gestures of people. He has used lines to rationalise the movement of the characters, dramatic color contrasts to add atmosphere and a ornamental quality to the composition. He has utilizes a deep emerald green and chrome orange- this hike up creating a strong contrast. Okay By Jennifer Many new techniques and characteristics are found common in Impressionist art, depiction of light as color rather than tone, luminosity of color, informal composition, rejected traditional techniques and influenced by Japanese prints and H enry De Toulouse- Latters At the Million Rouge has captivated an immediate photo like artwork considering the immediate and rapid capture of the movement

Information Technology in Healthcare Essay

In formulaation technology has undoubtedly played beta role of transforming the operation, management and the overall performance of m each organizations. Similarly, its pass judgment that information technology would show more or less homogeneous impact of results in the health cargon organizations. That is, the employment of IT form in the supplying of health care returns go forth mitigate the quality of dish provision in the industry.Generally, the term quality is practiced not in its simplest form scarcely has been used in its complex form, which is primarily meant to moderate improvement of the functioning of the different healthcare departments unneurotic with the affiliated organizations which form part or participate in unrivalled course or an separate in the process of delivering health care supporter (Berg, 2001). disdain the fact that there has been increased investment in the healthcare industry, late research has shown that the economic consumption of IT services/products is far much less in the healthcare industry as compared with the consumption rate of organizations in other sectors.Moreover, the large world population in developed countries or states interchangeable in the UK, USA among others access to high-quality healthcare services. While its know that not all individuals in the developed nations are well up, the measly and the middle class group experience a lot of obstacles as they endeavor to access healthcare services and their related products such as acquisition of healthcare insurance cover and payment of hospital bills.With the menial consumption rate of the IT services by the healthcare organizations in or so developed nations, this has led to provisions of meager services to the poor, but its postulated changing to intensive IT consumption would mitigate the situation (Fournier, 2003). Significance of development EMR transcription There are some(prenominal) reasons for the embracing of IT formations in the healthcare industry. Depending on different perspective of the focus, the use IT formation of rules has been used to gain an evolution in the healthcare provision.Like in other industries transaction with provisions of services and products different from those of healthcare industry, the capital punishment of IT services in the healthcare sector is aimed at bringing an evolution both in the performance and quality of the services delivered to the consumers. For the last cardinal or 3 decades back, many organizations necessitate put more efforts in the funding of healthcare service provision, in order to rescue a change from the handed-downistic discharge keeping practices. The adoption of the E-recording has thus been viewed as major cadence towards achieving a greater improvement in the healthcare overall performance.The consumption of IT services though is at low rates, the benefit accrued from the few ways in which it has been absorbed is enormous. In the area o f medical records and record keeping, healthcare industry is adopting to the IT system to solve the problem of complexity in their system. First and foremost, the utilization of IT systems in medical record and recording reduces the conviction of production, spaces and transfer duration, thus leading to overall decrease in the expense cost of the record management (Berg, 2001). Facility evaluationThe EMR facility is a sophisticated instrument which comprises of different parts for the accomplishment of the recording and fund of healthcare data and information. The equipments comp mavennts include both computer computer hardware as well as package that support its data processing, repositing operations and management. The major physical parts of the facility are the central processor together with its accessory components, while the non-physical component included the operating software and the special EMR software, which permit the performance of multiples tasks of healthcare .The special software is an advanced one which enables data entry through use of clicks, decrease the amount of keyboard typing. This nub that the EMR facility supports the input of enormous data into the healthcare records with ease. The advanced software not only wires information in the word formats but it alike supports the use of the imagery or photographic dissembles, meaning that its a complete transshipment center system of healthcare information. Cost of EMR system The EMR system is a model that occupies the least space in data computer storage systems. Though it has a multi-task purpose, the cost perhaps is at moderate rate.EMR costs are computed from the various variables or components which are needed in the implementation of the system in spite of appearance an organization. The costs of implementing EMR are identified in two classes, viz the purchasing and adeptness system cost and the maintenance cost. Usually, prior to the instalment of the EMR system, the C PU and computer accessories must be purchased. Additionally, the clinicians and physician are without the association of developing the superior software which allows the carrying out of the various functions of data storage and processing.Currently, the prices of a computer pluck from $ 7000 to &7500, while the software prices are estimated in the range of $1000 to $1500 which are inclusive of the license charges. The grant installation expenses of the hardware and the software at bottom the healthcare premise is approximated at $ 3500, but this quote is not inclusive of the implementation expenses which incorporates the costs incurred during the adoption of the radical systems. A part from the equipment and software costs, other indirect expenses are incurred in the courses of running the systems the maintenance costs which are at about $ 2000 per annum (Fournier, 2003). code implications The utilization of the EMR systems in hospitals will bewilder great impacts on the code and management of information within the healthcare supplier organizations. Among the anticipated outcomes is that the use of this system would save time taken in retrieving forbearings information as well as hasten transferring of the information to any other organization or party where its needed. By doing so, both insurance organizations and organizations acting as referral healthcare services providers will have broader based of the assessment the patients health progress.While this system employed Electronic signatures that are unique, its a practice that reduces the risks associated with the big(a) use of personalized signatures that can change with time or perhaps forgotten. Barriers to EMR systems As revealed in a number of healthcare organization that have endeavored to install the new EMR system in their organization, there are several challenges are generally faced by firms implementing the system. According to the disclosed information, the sign outlay or capital i s extremely high to be met within the current budget on healthcare development.The lean budgetary range bars the purchase of crucial and basic equipments such as office backups to ensure data inputs and output operations are not halted repayable blackouts or brown out that adversely affect the quality of service delivery. Considering that most have workers have been used to the old system of write up work, its undoubtedly overt that most of them will be sick of the implementation of the system (Miller, 2004). The employment of EMR system mean that much work would be accomplished by a few clinicians and physician workers, a case that actually acts as a threat to job security for some of the employees.To take the full benefits of the systems, its very important for the reproduction of the staffs, particularly to empower them in the use of installed system. This calls for the payment of the readying service from external organization/firms as the organization has got no training military unit with the ask knowledge, experience and proficient of the installed system. The hiring of the new trainers is not ease as their cost falls out of the current budget.The handling of the new system of EMR also demands the use of shared devices such as serves, which implies that the company would have to hire additional staff to maintain the networks and the servers. Fraud and waste issues The implementation of the EMR systems within the organization has the ability of curbing certain problems experienced in the course of management and activity accomplishment. Usually, most of the organization depending on the traditional paper work recording depicted a lot of movements from one place to another.This indicates poor integration or communication between individuals at different departments. Sometimes, this increases the duration of the patients stay within the healthcare facility. Thus, the employment of the EMR system reduces the waste of healthcare facilities by elimin ating or reducing many personnel movements, meanwhile leading to improvement on patients safety and general service delivery. Though EMR systems is appealing way of improving the clinicians and physicians work effectiveness, high risks on privacy and confidence are associated with this kind of system.System hacking together with ease of reproducing the data in this system acts as the greatest threat to the use of the methodology (Miller, 2004) EMR Implementation The interest are steps of implementing an EMR system Selection of the most suitable EMR to be adopted by the organization Compose a lead team to campaign for the EMR system Generate an implementation plan List/choosing the required equipments and software Training the organizations staffs Select security provider to the data/ information sites Input the selected data of interest TimelineThe first daylight will be the discussion on the redundancy experienced within the organizations so as to determine the appropriate EMR system. The second day will be formation of a steering team that would work together towards ensuring success of the project. Third will be generation of a heel of items equipments and software that would be used. Then, this will be followed by the installation of the system that would take a bout a week. This will run simultaneously with the training of the staff members on the new system though the training will be extended by another week for unimaginative skill acquisition.

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Starbucks’ Mission & Strategic Choices

Starbucks cargon and Strategic Cho internal-combustion engines Are They in conjugation? Executive Summary This paper examines strategical management, which encompasses course decisions and actions that define the brasss accusation and objectives, determine the most effective utilization of organizational re ancestors, select surpass courses of action to meet its heraldic bearing, and strain to assure the effectiveness of the organization deep down the environment. This guinea pig study evaluates the strategic management process, and applies those concepts to a practical case study of Starbucks legation statement.This case study is presented in the initialize of a formal chore report prepargond by a consultant and presented to the Starbucks Board of Directors and chief operating officer that provides an digest of Starbucks mission and strategic choices, and a summary of the fusion of those strategies to its mission. This report is stolidd on a unfavorable review of the Starbuck mission statement, tendencys, and objectives, which is then compargond a take upst the strategic choices that Starbucks has made (e. g. crossing specialism, inquiry and diement, trading operations) to determine how well Starbucks strategic choices are coordinateed to the gilds mission and visual modality. Finally, this study answers the question Will the order gallop its pastsuccess? Randy Tanner, 2009 Starbucks Mission and Strategic Choices Are They in conjunction? Cover Sheet Starbucks Corp. 2401 Utah Avenue South Seattle, WA 98134 Phone 206-447-1575 Fax 206-682-7570 Web Site http//www. starbucks. com Business Plan presented toHoward Schultz, professorship of the Board, President, CEO Starbucks Board of DirectorsPrepared byRandy S. Tanner command of PurposeAnalysis of Starbucks Mission and Strategic Choices Are They in Alignment? Table of Contents Executive Summary4 Background4 federation commentary4 Starbucks Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives. 4 Strategies. 5 trouble Team. 6 Business Model. 6 Infrastructure7 whirl. 7 R scourue Model. 7 Pricing. 8 Customers. 8 Competitors. 8 Stakeholders. 8 merchandising Strategy. 9 mo mesh topologyarys. 9 Analysis10 ships companion Analysis. 10 online scotchketing Mix Strategies (Product, Price, People, and Promotion). 10 Current coffin nail Markets10Market Analysis. 10 Competition & pulverization Analysis. 11 Competitive advantage. 12 Financial Analysis. 12 last13 Are Starbucks mission and strategic choices in alliance? 13 Will the beau monde go its pastsuccess? 13 Executive Summary Are Starbucks mission and strategic choices in alignment? Yes. The strategies of mental residence, crossing differentiation, and client experience are directly aligned with Starbucks produce mission to assemble Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest deep brown in the world, maculation inspiring and nurturing the spirit of their guests.Starbucks continues to apply strategies to h it the ceiling its product offering in some(prenominal) breadth and depth. Coupled with this schema is the expansion of jumpstart dissemination channel to multiply the potence in incr alleviated r aspireues. Each offering in the product portfolio reinforces the fault name and gauge experience describe in the companys vision statement. The sassyborn-fangled focus on increasing profits in existing livestocks is not a replacement of melody dodge, exclusively to a greater extent of a symptom of business maturity date less waste equals more profit.The corporation has tempered its original goal of grocery computer storage dominance by impregnation slowing its growth in spic-and-span in skinnys to marketplace dominance with more efficient and more productive stores with its system of disciplined expansion in key markets. The scheme of victimization the Seattles shell plane section, vice Starbucks to expand the base of corporate clients as well as supports S tarbuckss prime mission. This elevation of Seattles best does not reach a corporate-sponsored competitor to the nearby Starbucks stores, notwithstanding does serve as an alternate statistical distribution channel for the companys expanded product line.Therefore, this dodging supports the overall brand musical note of Starbucks as the premier drinking chocolate, heretofore captures extra clients that do not seek the brand Starbuck experience and would likely pack one the niche competitors. This strategy drop cater to a some different line in both(prenominal) cocoa stores and supermarkets and join on overall corporate taxs. Will the company continue its past success? Yes. A continued emphasis on customer satisfaction, coupled with effective strategies that develop new product lines, entrust put forward revenue enhancement growth and calm share determines.The current vision and manner summarized by Starbucks president and CEO, Howard Schultz, is a commitment to continually improving our customer experience as the roadmap to regenerate growth and increasing profitability, with emphasis on continued application of antecedently successful strategies, we will continue to stick in and differentiate, two perennial hallmarks of the Starbucks brand. (Starbucks Financial Releases, 2009) BackgroundStrategic management is a company-wide process that accommodatesa semipermanent plan of action that assists in achievinganorganizations objectives andfulfills company vision, (course material) and is comprised of four major(ip) elements posture analysis, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategy evaluation. (Bushman, (2007) This Strategic Management process admits the interest steps (Luca, 2009) 1. Developing a Vision/Mission/Goals and Objectives 2. Analyzing the environment company (internal and outdoor(a)) 3.Identifying internal Strengths and Weaknesses and external Threats and Opportunities (SWOT) 4. Articulatingstrategic choice s at the business, functional, and corporate levels 5. Selecting a strategy or strategies, ground on in-depth internal and external analyses, to accomplish vision and mission goals. These strategies whitethorn exist at some(prenominal) levels business, functional, corporate, and global. Company Description According to the companys Factsheet (2009), Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Seattles motor focusing designate Market. The original name of Starbucks deep brown tree, Tea and Spices was later changed to Starbucks hot chocolate Company. As quoted from Google Finance (Starbucks Corporation, 2009), Starbucks, together with its subsidiaries, purchases and roasts unharmed bean burnt umbers and sells them, along with fresh, rich-brewed coffees, Italian-style espresso beverages, cold intermix beverages, complementary food items, a option of gift teas, and coffee-related accessories and equipment, finished Company-operated retail stores. Starbucks also sells coffee and tea pr oducts and licenses its trademark through other channels. Starbucks produces and sells a range of ready-to-drink beverages.The business segments of the Company are United States, International, and Global Consumer Products sort out (CPG). The CPG segment includes packaged coffee and tea sell globally through channels, such as grocery stores and operates through joint ventures and licensing arrangements with consumer products business partners. Starbucks Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives. Mission statements are fundamental to the survival and growth of any business, (Analoui and Karami, 2002) and set the bearing and goal for the long term, reflecting the strategic intent. (course material) According to Germain and Cooper (1990), an appropriate mission statement serves to promote a sense of shared expectations amongst employees and communicate a public image of the unanimous to important stakeholders and groups in the companys task environment. Starbucks mission statement as stated in the corporate Factsheet (2009) is To establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow. The companys stated Vision, Goals, and Objectives may be found listed as Our Starbucks Mission in the corporate website (The Company, 2009). This vision is deported as To jeer and bringing up the human spirit one person, one cup, and one locality at a time. Some of the companys objectives referred to as manoeuver principles included in that strategic vision focus on 1. timberland of the coffee 2. Robust partnerships 3. Human connection to customers 4. Unique tune of the retail stores that encourages social interaction 5. Being accepted as neighbor in the community 6.Obligation to shareholders (long-term success and profitability) Strategies. The original focus since the companys beginning has been on product differentiation, in both the product and the store setting. This strategy emphasize s a bounty product served in a unequalled atmosphere. Some claimed tactics employed to execute these strategies are to (Factsheet, 2009) Provide a great work environment and treat each other with value and dignity. Embrace diversity as an inborn component in the way we do business. Apply the highest standards of excellence to the purchasing, roasting, and fresh delivery of our coffee. Develop sky-high satisfied customers all of the time. Contribute positively to our communities and our environment. Recognize that profitability is essential to our future success Historical Strategies for business growth noted in the 2006 shareholders meeting included continued expansion of retail stores, and expansion of the companys portfolio of rummy and innovative products to appeal to a broad consumer base. (Business Wire, 2006) These products included Premium and proprietary food offerings as a component of the Starbucks Experience. Introduction of warm breakfast items in Company-ope rated stores by 2008. spliff venture with Apple to launch a Starbucks Entertainment Area on iTunes. Introduction of a heated-on-demand vending initiative, Expansion of its Kraft relationship to advance Starbucks coffee into supermarkets. Recent changes to this original approach which were in response to the late(a) frugal downturn and drop in share prices are aimed at retaining customers, rather than gaining new ones. According to Howard Schultz, the companys CEO, The issue at hand is the toll of losing your core customer. (Adamy & Wingfield, 2009) These changes in business strategy teddy the focus from market saturation with additive stores to (Starbucks Newsroom, 2009) 1. Increasing profits in existing stores, 2. Expanding the product base, and 3. Disciplined global store expansion in key markets. While continuing with the strategy of product expansion (to even include some non-food products), Starbucks has tempered its desire for continually opening new stores. This disciplined approach includes more niche targeting in key markets and even opening, or converting to, a Seattles Best vice Starbucks.Some of the new tactics announced at the 2009 Shareholders Meeting to implement this strategy include A $500 million structural expense reduction to align the companys cost structure to its current business strategy Focused efforts to alter operational efficiencies with technology investments, and better pedagogy for store managers Emphasizing the concepts of value and quality to the customer with selective price incentives incoming VIA Ready Brew instant coffee to tap the $17 cardinal instant coffee market Expanding alternate foodservice channelsManagement Team. corporate organization and key management team members include (Reuters, 2009) Howard SchultzChairman of the Board, President, CEO troy weight AlsteadChief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer Arthur I. RubinfeldPresident Global Development Martin P. ColesPresident Star bucks coffee International Clifford BurrowsPresident Starbucks Coffee US Paula E. BoggsExec VP, General Counsel, Secretary Michelle GassExec VP trade and mob Olden C. LeeInterim Exec VP Partner Resources, Director Dorothy J.KimExec VP Global Strategy, Office of the CEO whoreson D. GibbonsExec VP Global Supply Chain Operations Culver, JohnExec VP, President Global Consumer Products, Foodservice & Seattles Best Coffee Business Model. According to Osterwalder, Pigneur, & Tucci (2005), a companys business model includes infrastructure, offering, customers, and revenue model. 1. Infrastructure the core capabilities and competencies, partnership network, or business alliances, and value configuration (what get downs it mutually beneficial for a business and its customers). . Offering the value of products and serve offered for a specific customer segment, and how it differentiates itself from its competitors. 3. Customers includes (1) the target auditory modality for a bus iness products and services, (2) the distribution channel used to reach the customers (includes trade and distribution strategy), and customer relationship management. 4. taxation model the cost structure and revenue flows that define the companys income. Infrastructure.Starbucks infrastructure ( sales & distribution model) began as a basic shopkeeper model1 brewing and serving fresh, premium quality coffee in a relaxed neighborhood atmosphere. This model chooses a location frequented by targeted customers, employs low-wage workers, and establishes repeat business based on customer satisfaction and ease of access. Recent strategic management emphasis is cut downing toward, or adapting part of the verity or Service Quality model to reinforce the perceived quality of the product. Part of this model is based on the belief that it is cheaper to keep customers than gain new ones.Offering. The Starbucks brand portfolio is marketed as premium and, therefore, is luxury goods, relying o n consumer arbitrary spending to drive sales. (Hattery, 2009) This portfolio includes Starbucks Entertainment, Starbucks Hear Music, Tazo, Ethos water, Seattles Best Coffee, and Torrefazione Italia Coffee offers a variety of products and services through its retail stores and other channels, including 30 blends of Coffee Handcrafted Beverages fresh-brewed coffee, hot and iced espresso beverages, coffee and non-coffee blended beverages, and Tazo teas. Merchandise home espresso machines, coffee brewers and grinders, premium chocolates, coffee mugs and accessories, and gift items. Fresh Food baked pastries, sandwiches, and salads. Starbucks Entertainment selection of music, books, and film from both emerging and established artists. Global Consumer Products bottled Frappuccino beverages, Discoveries chilled cup coffee, DoubleShot espresso drinks, Starbucks Iced Coffee, whole bean coffee and Tazo teas, Starbucks Coffee Liqueurs, and a line of premium ice creams. Starbucks Card a reloadable pre-paid debit card.Revenue Model. Starbucks revenue model includes its cost structure and revenue flows. Starbucks operating costs are directly influenced by fluctuations in the commodity prices (milk and coffee beans) which have risen sharply in the past. Starbucks purchases teas and primarily Arabica coffee beans directly from international markets in Costa Rica, Africa, Asian Pacific, and China. The wholesale price of coffee beans is unstable and often susceptible to outstanding price changes from a variety of weather and political events that may, or may not, affect global production.These reactionary prices throw out remain elevated for several years. Coffee prices in 2008, for example, were 20% higher(prenominal)(prenominal) on average than 2007, resulting in Starbucks paying an average price of $1. 42 per pound of green (unroasted) coffee. The price of Milk futures also rose dramatically from $13 to $18 per hundredweight in March, 2007, falling only rec ently to $17 in September, 2009. Starbucks revenue flow from its company operated coffeehouses relies on discretionary consumer spending, and can be bear upon by negative stinting conditions. In fiscal 2008, Starbucks generated $10. billion in revenue through the sale of whole bean coffee, food, equipment, and beverages. The distribution channels included both its retail stores and specialty operations. pic Figure 1 Revenue Categories Company operated retail stores (7,238 stores in North America and 1,979 international) generated 84 per centum of the total revenue. (Hattery, 2009) The remaining 16 percent was generated through the specialty operations segment, which is chartered to develop the companys brand through third parties outside the conventionalistic coffeehouse. This segment channels, and percentage of specialty operations revenue generated, include 1. licenced Stores (48 percent) located in airports and supermarkets that generate licensing fees, royalties, and reta il revenue from coffee, tea, and CDs. 2. Foodservices Operations (25 percent) sells Starbucks coffee to restaurants, offices, hotels, and Barnes & Noble Cafes under different licensing contracts. 3. Packaged Tea and Coffee (21 percent) interchange at various food stores. 4. Branded Products (4 percent) like ready-to-drink beverages and ice creams sold through partnerships with Pepsi and Dreyers.Pricing. Starbucks has maintained a premium pricing strategy for its branded premium quality coffee beans and unique customer experience. Customers. Starbucks serves approximately 50 million customers a week in its stores. The target market is delineate as young (25-to-45 years old) professional men and women, in higher income brackets with stressful lives (at work, home, or both). Most members of this target market live in the suburbs and commute to work in urban areas. (Holmes, Bennett, Carlisle, Dawson, 2002) Competitors. Although Starbucks maintains a dominant posture in the specialty coffeehouse market and has no single irradiate rival in the sector, (Hattery, 2009) competitors include other specialty coffee shops, sinker shops, and restaurants. The closest specialty coffeehouse competitor is Caribou Coffee, with only 415 stores, with the major competition being dispersed among the thousands of independent or small-chain coffee shops (i. e. , Diedrich Coffee, Inc, Coffee Heaven Intl. , Autogrill S. p. A. Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Inc), and McDonalds Corp2. Stakeholders. Starbucks organizational stakeholders include both individuals and groups who have an interest (give-and-take) relationship with the firm. (course material) These internal and external stakeholders of Starbucks are place as shareholders, employees (including board members, executives, managers, supervisors, and baristas), customers, suppliers, local communities, and global alliance partners3 trade Strategy.As described in VoteForUs (n. d. ), since the companys inception in 1971, its trade strategy has ignored the traditional advertizing avenues of billboards and commercials and focused on septenary fundamentals to differentiate Starbucks from other cafes. These fundamental areas of marketing focus are (VoteForUs, n. d. ) 1. Perfect Cup of Coffee an emphasis on product quality (rich, delicious taste and aroma) to support the premium pricing structure. 2. Third Place creating the third place for everyone to go to between home and work.This is another differentiation technique, aimed to spend a penny a unique and relaxing experience or atmosphere with which Starbucks could be branded. 3. Customer Satisfaction ensure that customers feel the uniqueness of enjoying their Starbucks coffee experience. 4. Creating a Starbucks Community this marketing strategy has even expanded to create a community around their brand. On their website, individuals are encouraged to express their experiences with Starbucks history, and the company strives to personally join in the discussions. 5.Smart Partnerships create strategic partnerships that expand business opportunities and increase sales. 6. Innovation a strategy to continually create new products or services that support their customer base or add new customer segments. (different coffee flavors, more food on their menu, and one of the first to offer internet capability in their stores) 7. Brand Marketing The Starbucks marketing strategy has always focused on word-of-mouth advertising and viral marketing, letting the high quality of their products and services speak for themselves.Financials. Evaluating the companys financial statements since the economic low point of May 2008 with its first quarterly decline in profit, and 38 percent stock plunge Starbucks has managed to maintain a healthy proportion sheet. Consolidated company revenues for Q3 2009 were $2. 4 billion, compared to $2. 6 billion in 2008, reflecting a five percent decline in store sales. Quarterly financ ial sheets verify the reduction in operating income and fit slight increase in net profits.With the cost realignment scheduled to be completed in 2009, operating costs are expected to drop further. total revenues for Q2 2009 turn in a positive rebound with a sustained upward trend over the last two quarters. Share prices which bottomed around $8. 00 during Dec08 through Mar09 have stabilized around $19. 00 for the last quarter. In response to the employ cost reduction strategies, Standard & Poors raised the companys short-term debt ratings (from A-3 to A-2) and revised its outlook to stable from negative, (Ogg, 2009), reaffirming the BBB corporate honorable mention rating.According to Ogg (2009), S&P believes that the companys performance will continue to stabilize and that the credit metrics will continue to improve or remain at the current levels. Analysis Alignment in the framework of strategic management refers to the mutual agreement and enforcement of the companys visi on, mission, and goals with its business strategies. These strategies are employed to achieve and maintain a agonistic advantage in the market segment, and ensure long-term profitability for the company. Company Analysis.This company analysis focuses on three factors or issues involved in maintaining a warlike advantage. These factors and issues are (1) current target markets, (2) current marketing mix strategies, and (3) the strengths and weaknesses of the Company. The companys marketing mix strategies are discussed in relation to the pentad Ps of Marketing. The elements of Five Ps of Marketing include product, price, place, people and promotion. (Nimetz, 2009) These factors are explored in similarity to Starbucks published mission, vision statements, and guiding principles. To establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow. To inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup, an d one neighborhood at a time. Current Marketing Mix Strategies (Product, Price, People, and Promotion). Starbucks strengthen its coffee stores on the principle product of Arabica coffee beans. This product was marketed as a premium quality item that The pricing scheme followed the premium quality scheme, offering the customer more than a cup of coffee.Starbucks stores became the third place to go to and enjoy a unique atmosphere. One new strategy that CEO Howard Schultz brought with him was the emphasis on the role of sales clerks, or Barristers who brewed and served the coffee. Specialized training for employees reinforces their role in the customers perceived value of the product the unique Starbucks experience. The promotion tactics employed by Starbucks broke with traditional concepts and avoided advertising, relying on word-of-mouth or viral advertising techniques where satisfied customers willingly share with others, and promote the Starbucks experience.This viral adverti sing has proven quite effective. Current Target Markets. For most Starbucks most consumers, coffee is not just coffee, but more of a ritual a deserved reward. However, although the targeted market of professionals contains a significant percentage of higher-income professionals, the recent decrease in sales (and corresponding drop in shares) implies that they too are affected by the economic downturn and willing to reduce their rewards. Market Analysis. A market analysis reviews the specific market segment being targeted, and examines the demographic and social information required to be intimate your customer. This required information concerning the targeted customer includes Who they are Where they are How to reach them Identifying their needs (what justifies premium price) Size of market Percentage of market captured Market growth potential Starbucks market for its coffee stores is targeted at 25- to 45-year-old professionals face for for solitude, or social interac tion, without alcohol. This higher-income crowd of young, college-educated represents a group which tends toward higher luxury-consumption levels.The blow to successfully add drive-through service to its stores clearly differentiates its clientele from McDonalds or coffee Hut customers whose needs or to grab a quick caffeine jolt on the way to or from work. According to Euromonitor International Plc,4 Starbucks has captured 52 percent of the global specialty coffee market. According to Mintel (global consumer research firm in Chicago) Starbucks controls 43 73% of the U. S. market share5 in coffeehouse sales in 2005, with its closest rivals being Caribou Coffee, and Peets Coffee and Tea.Competition & SWOT Analysis. The SWOT analysis identifies and evaluates a companys internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities, and threats). This analysis helps to focus on key issues to consider in strategic planning. The following details are an updated paraphr ase of the SWOT analysis from Marketing Teacher (2007) Strengths. Starbucks Corporation is a very profitable organization, earning in wasted of $459 million in 2008. The company generated revenue of more than $10. billion in 2008, exceeding revenue for 2007. It is a global coffee brand built upon a personality for fine products and services with approximately 9000 cafes around the globe. Starbucks is know as a respected employer that value its workforce, and was one of the Fortune moderate 100 Companies to Work For in 2005. The organization displays fast(a) ethical values and an ethical mission statement that emphasizes its commitment to environmental leadership. Weaknesses. Starbucks has a reputation for new product development and creativity.However, they remain vulnerable to the possibility that their innovation may falter over time. The organization has a strong front in the U. S. with more than three quarters of their cafes located in the home market. An increased pe rcentage of international cafes would help to spread business risk. The organization is dependant on a main competitive advantage, the retail of coffee. This could make them slow to diversify into other sectors should the need arise. Opportunities. New products and services can be retailed in their cafes, such as Fair Trade products. The company has the opportunity to expand its global operations with the emerging markets for coffee in India and the Pacific Rim nations. Additional co-branding with other manufacturers of food and drink can be pursued. Capitalizing on the Seattles Best brand in both the retail and franchise markets could diversify revenue streams and spread business risk. With recent economic conditions, and dwindling disposable income, Starbucks could pursue a larger market share of the home-brewed coffee market with increased advertising. Pursuing additional partnerships with manufacturers of other goods and services has potential to decrease Starbucks dependen cy on it single competitive advantage in retail coffee. Threats. Starbucks has been branded and marketed as a luxury item, relying on the disposable income of its targeted customers. Regional, or national economic instability can be reflected quickly in revenue loss. approaching growth of the coffee market is uncertain. A change in the current fad of coffee shops would significantly impact Starbucks major source of revenue. Starbucks is exposed to unpredictable cost increases in wholesale coffee and dairy products. Recent growth in the coffee house market has attracted some(prenominal) competitors, including copy cat brands and national restaurants that pose potential threats to Starbucks competitive advantage. Competitive advantage. Starbucks established an early dominance in the market segment of coffee houses, and sustains its competitive advantage6 through differentiation7 by capitalizing on a unique experience that offers ambiance and unusual product variety. The primary s trategies employed to establish market dominance were branding, creativity, and saturation by store expansion. 1.The branding strategies include quality product, personal service, a sense of community, and environmental responsibility. This strategy is strengthened by market and demographic analyses to slightly customize each store to the local city/community personality. 2. The creativity strategies emphasize constantly looking for new ideas, new products, as well as new experiences for guests. (Thompson & Gamble, 1999) palmy products are retained while weaker products are eliminated in a continuing cycle of process improvement. 3. Although growth in the store expansion strategy has peaked, new stores are still being added.This strategy has been modified from saturation by area concentration, to a more disciplined approach, that identifies key markets, based on market analysis that emphasizes individual store profitability. (Adamy & Wingfield, 2009) Financial Analysis. Starbucks has a solid financial status with multiple revenue streams from multiple coffee related products. A look at Starbucks Profit and Loss and bills Flow tables8 (shown in Table 1) reveals a slight dip in gross revenue, but a positive trend for increased net income. This is probably a result of the recent cost restructuring and emphasis on store profitability.Future revenue streams from coffee house sales are expected to increase from a combination of stable sales and higher efficiency. Revenue streams from alternate distribution channels show a slight, but steady increase, further bolstering Starbucks solid financial foundation. In Millions of USD Jun 2009 Mar 20099 Dec 2008 Sep 2008 Jun 2008 Revenue 2,403. 90 2,333. 30 2,615. 20 2,515. 40 2,574. 00 Total Revenue 2,403. 0 2,333. 30 2,615. 20 2,515. 40 2,574. 00 crude Profit 539. 10 470. 20 481. 80 393. 50 452. 60 Total Operating Expense 2,199. 90 2,292. 40 2,497. 50 2,501. 20 2,595. 60 Operating Income 204. 00 40. 90 117. 70 14. 20 -21. 60 Income Before appraise 217. 30 34. 90 98. 30 -1. 20 -33. 20 Net Income 151. 50 25. 00 64. 30 5. 40 -6. 70 Table 1 Quarterly Financials Conclusion Are Starbucks mission and strategic choices in alignment? Yes.The strategies of innovation, product differentiation, and customer experience are directly aligned with Starbucks mission to establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world, while inspiring and nurturing the spirit of their customers. Starbucks continues to expand its product offering in both breadth and depth. Coupled with this strategy is the expansion of alternate distribution channels that will multiply the potential in increased revenues. Each offering in the product portfolio reinforces the brand name and quality experience described in the companys vision statement.The recent focus on increasing profits in existing stores is not a shift of business strategy, but more of a symptom of business maturity. Less waste equals more profit. The corporation has shifted its goal from market saturation slowing its growth in new stores to market dominance with more efficient and more profitable stores with its strategy of disciplined expansion in key markets. Using the Seattles Best segment, vice Starbucks to expand the base of customers for the greater corporate good requires close examination.As a corporate-sponsored competitor to the nearby Starbucks stores, this strategy seems in involution with the prime mission. However, as an alternate distribution channel for an expanded product line, this strategy supports the overall brand quality of Starbucks as the premier coffee, yet can capture some additional customers that do not seek the branded Starbuck experience and would likely choose one the niche competitors. Seattles Best can cater to a slightly different clientele in both coffee stores and supermarkets with a different set of customer needs, while increasing overall corporate revenues.Will the company continue its pastsuccess? Yes. A continued emphasis on customer satisfaction, coupled with effective strategies that develop new product lines, will stimulate revenue growth and stabilize share prices. The current vision and path summarized by Starbucks president and CEO, Howard Schultz, is a commitment to continually improving our customer experience as the roadmap to renewed growth and increasing profitability, with emphasis on continued application of previously successful strategies, we will continue to innovate and differentiate, two perennial hallmarks of the Starbucks brand. (Starbucks Financial Releases, 2009) References Adamy, J. & Wingfield, N. (2009). Starbucks brews new strategies to fight slump. Wall route Journal (Europe), p. 4. Retrieved July 11, 2009, from ProQuest Newsstand. (Document ID 1662578621). Analoui, F. and Karami, A. (2002). CEOs and development of the meaningful mission statement. incorporate Governance, 2(3), 13-20. Retrieved tremendous 31, 2009, from ABI/ asseverate Global database. (Document ID 181714601). Bushman, M. (2007). The major elements of the strategic management process. Associated Content website.Business and Finance. Retrieved howling(a) 31, 2009 from http//www. associatedcontent. com/article/196677/the_major_elements_of_the_strategic. html. Business Wire (2006). Starbucks Coffee Company Outlines Core Strategies to brood Delivering Long-Term Shareholder Retrieved terrible 27, 2009 from http//www. allbusiness. com/services/business-services/3918047-1. html. Factsheet (2009). Starbucks website About Us. Retrieved August 22, 2009 from http//www. starbucks. com/aboutus/Company_Factsheet. pdf. Germain, R. and Cooper, M. (1990).How a customer mission statement affects company performance. Industrial Marketing Management, 19(1), 47. Retrieved August 31, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID 1129254). Hattery, E. (2009). Wikinvest website. Starbucks Corporation. Retrieved September 1, 2009 from http//www. wikinves t. com/stock/Starbucks_(SBUX) Holmes, S. , Bennett, D. , Carlisle, K. , and Dawson, C. (2002). Planet Starbucks To keep up the growth, it must go global quickly. Business Week, (3798), 100-110. Retrieved August 27, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Global. Document ID 160883051). Marketing Teacher (2007). SWOT Analysis Starbucks. Retrieved September 24, 2009 from http//www. marketingteacher. com/SWOT/starbucks_swot. htm. Nimetz, J. (2009). The Five Ps of Marketing Do they apply to SEM? Retrieved August 27, 2009 from http//www. searchengineguide. com/jody-nimetz/the-five-ps-of. php. Ogg, J. (2009). Starbucks Snags S&P Upgrade (SBUX). 24/7 Wall Street website. Retrieved September 1, 2009 from http//247wallst. com/2009/08/28/starbucks-snags-sp-upgrade-sbux/. Osterwalder, A. , Pigneur, Y. , & Tucci, C. 2005). Clarifying business models Origins, present, and future of the concept. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 16, 1. Retrieved August 28, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Global. ( Document ID 919406501). Reuters (2009). Officers and Directors for Starbucks Corporation. Retrieved August 27, 2009 from http//www. reuters. com/finance/stocks/companyOfficers? symbol=SBUX. O. Starbucks Corporation (2009). Google Finance. Retrieved August 11, 2009 from http//www. google. com/finance? q=NASDAQ%3ASBUX. Starbucks Financial Releases (2009).Starbucks posts strong third quarter fiscal 2009 results. Starbucks website About Us. Retrieved September 1, 2009 from http//investor. starbucks. com/phoenix. zhtml? c=99518&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1309655&highlight=. Starbucks Newsroom (2009). Starbucks details strategy for profitable growth. Retrieved August 27, 2009 from http//news. starbucks. com/article_display. cfm? article_id=184. The Company (2009). Corporate website About Us. Retrieved August 22, 2009 from http//www. starbucks. com/aboutus/overview. asp. Thompson, A. and Gamble, J.

Project Management Plan Success

Review the list of reasons wherefore plans crumple as described in Ch. 11 of Project Management. Which of these reasons applies to delimitate and sequencing activities? As a protrusion manager, what steps may you take to rule out your plan from give awaying? There are many reasons why plans fail to succeed. In discussing our answers to this question, Team C felt that in the list of reasons on why plans fail, poor planning would be on top of the list. When thither are no attempts in pushing forward with already make plans, the project is bound to fail.Another reason why project plans fail is because the data in which plans are based are low qualification it difficult for project managers to take control and give out lodges. With insufficient data, the projects scope would seize to exist. Along with not founder an identified scope, the team would not know the ultimate objective of the project, and because of this, stack will work towards different directions rather than one common goal.It is of the essence(predicate) that the reasons on the list are taken care of or sustained. This hobo be done during the defining and sequencing process. As a project manager, the steps we discussed that are necessary to be taken in order to prevent a plan from failing would be to properly develop a projects plan. This would include defining each activitys relevance to the project. By doing so, there is a stated initiative as well as a reason why the project is beingness done.In order to drive a properly developed plan, we would insure a kick off meeting, which would discuss the expectations of every team member, have the purpose clearly conveyed to the team, as well as build salubrious and positive team energy. There would be frequent follow-ups in order to assure that each step is being completed to getting the project finished. Lastly, we would offer rewards as incentives for the team to complete their tasks efficiently and on time.

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History of Terrell State Mental Hospital Essay

There be galore(postnominal) goernmental agencies within the health anguish system of rules. One of most interesting and heart-wrenching agencies is a local goernmental position called Terrell press out amiable infirmary. This federal style is well recognisen in the acres of matter of Texas for its carefree healthcare. They shake a longstanding relationship with the families of its unhurrieds and are a major contributor to the city of Terrells financial windfall.They produce over ten million a year for the city of Terrell, which allows this city to put on care of its mental inpatients and fall upon sure they have the best sermon possible. History of Terrell State rational infirmary According to Mike Hansen (2008), Terrell State Mental Hospital is a 582 room facility that is joint delegating accredited and a Medicare certified psychiatric inpatient infirmary that is operated low the direction of the Texas De dispelment of State health Ser delinquencys.This hospi tal is responsible for many types of illnesses and is an independent, not for profit organization, which has many computer programs to offer its patients. These programs include an large knifelike program, a childrens and adolescence program, a forensics program, geriatric service, an intensive behavioral program and an intermediate care program, all of which has their patients best interest at heart. This hospital was opened in July 1885 and has grown to double its original size and is sleek over running strong to this day.This is a local governmental agency which laughingstock compare with national agencies much(prenominal) as The Centers of Disease Control or a state governmental agency such(prenominal) as wellness and Human Services in many ways, but the most frequent factor between these agencies is their ability to encourage the ill to get over disease or keep from getting a physical or mental illness. This agency houses over 775 patients and employees over 175 people. It is a go psychiatric hospital, which cares for its mentally ill patients over four county lines. They onitor their facilities and patients for any smart mental illnesses which may develop.This agency as well serves the rich, the poor, all races and all minorities in the state of Texas. The Community Relations Department at Terrell State Hospital has third areas of responsibility, which includes volunteer services, public information and fundraising. They stick out services and items that the state bumnot supply by law or by limitation of funds. This agency has done a tremendous job with curing its patients or at least advancing them to live in society. Admission ProcessWhen a person first arrives at the hospital they lead be greeted at the admissions office by the staff, which are well trained to address linguistic process and cultural inescapably as well as special needs such as those of the visually impaired or hearing impaired. and then a meeting with the chief psy chiatrist leave flash keister to cover the needs and reasoning for the patient be admitted then paperwork will be completed covering reason for hospitalization. Then the patient will be shown around the facility and introduced to the staff that will be fondness for the patient.Afterwards, an evaluation will be done by the doctor to go over what needs are to be met. The only motto of this staff is the patient always comes first. Structure and Funding Terrell State Mental Hospital is designed in a matrix structure where the professionals heighten on labor movement teams and get over to a general manager or a vice president. Because these professionals can work on several sheds it is very important to have strong central oversight from the senior managers to ensure people do not stray from the projects they work on.According to Ninomiya (2009), with this style of focal point system workers report to more(prenominal) than one supervisor at a time. The mind is to allocate kn owledge and personnel to maximize effectiveness. This hospital receives their funding from twain voluntary contributions and from the Department of Human Services or the state of Texas. They practise a budget describing the funds needed and the state of Texas takes care of the rest. Contributions also come from families of the inpatients. The voluntary contributions in this city are amazing.They really know how to actualize this city shine. Its like a true Texan to show their winning attitudes by giving back to the economy and being generous with their money. Programs Available This hospital is operated under the direction of the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation. They offer their services to people within a twenty-two county, 14,622 square mile area including Bowie, Dallas, and Kaufman Counties. According to the Chamber of handicraft (2009), their services are offered to children 6 to 12 years of age, adolescence ages 12 to 18 and adults.Programs include acute care, an intensive behavioral program, medical services, forensic care for inmates of state correctional institutions intermediate care, a cottage program for adult life skills and a research center. Local Agencies vs. National and State Agencies The three of these agencies have different aspects of treatment for disease. The national and state agencies usually focus on locating and making the public aware of possible bangs such as a rising number of cases of encephalitis.They announce to the public where and when to stand tuned for information on what is the bordering step for information on what is the next step or what they need to do to obtain an immunization or where they need to go to get their injection if one is available. The local agency such as with Terrell State Mental Hospital usually focuses on treatment of illness such as with mental illness. It is usually a prolonged and drawn out type of treatment. Doctors usually have to fork up a patient on several medic ations before they arrive at the treatment that works for a patients illness.Local agencies usually work with the family members of these patients to facilitate determine what might work with their family members illness. According to Colonel Jim Harris (2009), this hospital continues to be governed by a local board of managers. When the State come on of Control assumed the duties for governing state institutions, the operation of Terrell State Mental Hospital came under the control and management of the Board of Texas State Hospital and special schools.The 59th Legislature in 1965, under House Bill no , created the Mental Health and Mental Retardation Act for control and management of Terrell State Hospital. The Board of Texas State Hospital and special schools was abolished at that time. all over the years there have been major ameliorations close to planned and some not. These changes have cost the state of Texas millions of dollars. The improvements have changed this pionee r establishment into a modern psychiatric facility that serves twenty-one counties in the northern part of the state.These ameliorations have made this hospital one that the patients and their family members can be towering of. Conclusion Local, National and State governmental agencies in the healthcare plain stitch all overlap in many different ways. For one, they all share disease prevention. Each agency shares disease prevention in a different way. A state organization such as Health and Human Services helps to prevent disease by helping to provide the poor with immunizations so they are protected in case of an outbreak of a dangerous disease.A national governmental agency such as Centers for Disease Control helps to keep the public aware when they are suspicious that a disease has reached epic proportions and is beginning to make them retrieve an outbreak has occurred or is a threat to the public. They give the pubic directions on where they should go or how they should handl e a dangerous situation in case one was to occur. The last agency which is the local governmental agency such as Terrell State Mental Hospital helps the public with a completely different completely different angle to the disease and its prevention.They help the public with mental disorders and their treatments. This hospital is very generous and works trying to help patients with their disorders. Psychiatric issues can be a very lowering time for families, but this hospital works hard and uses voluntary contributions sparingly, so that the state of Texas can take the remainder of their contributions and work hard to make the patients well or to get them on the right treatment, so that they can once again function in society. Terrell State functions as a matrix structure which basically means they are a project oriented type of company.They also function by reporting to more than one manager. They highly believe projects are the best way to make the greatest progress. This style o f structure is also well known for retention several types of projects going at all times. In this case they may have several patients that they work with at a time and these individuals may have many types of problems such as a case of bipolar, and other may be schizophrenic, etc. These patients may have several doctors that they report to. Every doctor truly cares for their patients and they like to make sure that they take each patients interest to heart.

How basketball taught me hard work and discipline Essay

Self-PresentationGeneral purpose how basketball taught me hard mildew and disciplineSpecific purpose hard break away can stand by achieve anythingThesis statement through basketball I acquire how to track down hard and discipline myself to achieve my goals in lifeMy heating for the basketball started when I was in my second year of highschool, basketball not whole helped me grow but also taught me a constituent of things that I use in myeveryday life.My passion for the game began during my cultivation year of centre of attention school, butdespite trying step up for the middle school team I was not chosen to be a part of it. Although thiswas of great disappointment to me, it did not deter me from my love of the game. It make memore driven and determined to work hard during the summer antecedent to entering high school toensure that I was in a position to try-out for the high school freshman team. I practiced morning, noonday and night in 90 degree heat, perfecting my sho t and works out toimprove my skills. Thishard work paid off, when I was chosen to be a part of the freshman team and I have continue towork hard during my high school years to be an asset to the varsity team.I timber sure that this experience of being a part of the high school basketball team hashelped me become boffo in my academic life. Being part of a team has instilled in me theresponsibilities and work ethic that carries over into other aspects of my life and I feel sure thatthis will be extremely valuable in my future tense endeavors at the University. And really moreprecisely on hard work, on that point is a saying that hard work beats talent, when talent fails to workhard. I believe this because to me it means that no matter how satisfactory you atomic number 18 if you dont workhard, your talent is nothing. If Michael Jordan had not believed in working hard then he wouldnot have been anywhere next as good as he is today. You do not only need to work hard in sportsin the classroom, and life in general. Working hard in the classroom will give you many an(prenominal)advantages later in life. That way you can get into a good college, and get agood job later in life.In all this experience, the greatest thing I learn is that hard work pays off,Although the above experience and accomplishment of being chosen to be a part of a team hascontributed and shaped the person I am today.

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Lascia Ch’Io Pianga Analysis Essay

The depth psychology of the aria Lascia chio pianga by Haendel correspond to the thorough bass method, shows us how the composer refer in this piece to the classifiable compositional procedures of baroque music.The aria starts with a pedal (frame, according to Joel Lesters terminology) followed by a cadence harmonized according the regle de loctave both(prenominal) in ascending and descending motility (MM. 5-8). The second episode start at M. 8 consists of a sequence, precisely a modified sequence, in which the subsequent is slightly modified at the end introducing a overbold amity on the second beat of M. 12 that leads to a last(a) cadence with a modulation to the original key. The regle is always working as well as in the sequence, it is just applied chromatically according the harmonic context. after(prenominal) twain repetitions of the first phrase, with a small difference in MM. 17 and 34 with a 6-chord instead of a 5-chord on the second instalment of the second beat , we have the last section of the aria, before the da capo. In this last section there is a modified sequence (MM. 35 to 39) followed by a cadence that leads to the end of the piece.In general, intimately of the harmonies in the piece reflect the indications of the regle but there are some exceptions. The most interesting part in which the regle is non applied is at the precise beginning of the aria the subroutine of 7 on the second degree, instead of 6. This is the harmony that more that any other characterizes this piece, giving a smoother olfactory sensation to the passage than the dominant harmony suggested by the regle. Aside from the exception, it is interesting to reveal where Haendel follows strictly the regle, and this happens in every final cadence, probably as a sign that in the closing sections the use of the regle is more functional and gives a stronger sense of harmonic definition.In the fundamental bass, the bass line consists of a series of roots that not only represent the roots of the harmonies fabricate on top of then, but also physically generates these harmonies. Any charitable of harmony should be reduced to triads and sevenths and the motion of the bass-line should be by fifths and fourths. In Lascia chio pianga is possible to understand all the harmonies as fifths and sevenths but the bass-line motion not always moves naturally by fifths and fourths. In many cases, through the use of the double-emploi, is has been possible to correct some irregular motions into fifth motion, but liquid for some of them it hasnt been possible. Probably the most evident example is the motion by second occurring between MM. 6 and 7, and between MM. 11 and 12.The fundamental-bass analysis bring into play notes that are supposed, that are not in the cross but affect the music as the roots of a manoeuvre feed the last leaf on the highest branch. In this case, we can agree how the sense of motion that we perceive listening to this aria is perfectl y explained and justified by the succession of seventh chord and fifth chord, as the epitome of the arsi-tesi legal opinion in music. Even in the first two measures, that look very simple in the thorough bass analysis, we can still visualize something that makes this beginning not so obvious. In the first measure the F is transformed into D with a seventh chord on top, and the gathering of this seventh with the following one in the second measure create a sense of instability and a need to resolve. In the next measures this tension will be released through a succession of 5-chord with two final combinations 7-5 to close the episode.

Cash Basis vs. Accrual Basis Accounting Essay

Accrual accountancy doesnt just focus on interchange flows, instead, it also reflects opposite resources that ar provided and consumed by business operations during a period. This order measures resources provided by business operations by revenue. The measure of resources used to earn revenues is expenses. The residuum between revenues and expenses is net income/loss. Accrual al-Qaida net income provides a burst measure of performance because it attempts to measure the resource inflows and outflows generated by operations during the account period, which may not provide the same amount of gold inflows and outflows.Accruals adopt transactions where the cash outflow or inflow takes place in a period after the expense or revenue recognition. marketing on credit and projects that provide revenue streams over a presbyopic period of time affect the companys financial thoughtfulness at the point of the transaction. Therefore, it makes sense that such events should also be re flected on the financial teachings during the same reporting period that these transactions occur. (Investopedia, 2013). eon cash basis is the difference between cash receipts and cash disbursements from providing goods and services.For cash basis accounting, a transaction happens only when money is exchanged. Revenues ar inform on the income statement when cash is received from the customers. Expenses are reported on the income statement when cash is paid out. This is one of the problems with cash basis accounting because adjusting entries help ensure that all revenues earned in a period are recognized in that same period, regardless of when cash is received. (Averkamp, 2004). For accrual basis accounting, revenues are recorded on the income statement when they are earned, which more often than not occurs before cash is received.Expenses are recorded on the income statement in the period when they occur/ give forth which is often in a different period from when the payment is m ade. This mode of accounting provides a better picture of the companys profits during an accounting period because the income statement will report all of the revenues rattling earned during the period and all of the expenses incurred in order to earn the revenues. This method also helps because it reports all the assets that were earned are reported and all the liabilities that were incurred are reported. (Averkamp, 2004).

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Healthy Eating is Healthy Living Essay

Did you shaft that the m matchless(prenominal)y spent to treat people with illnesses related to the wishing of health makes up 9.1 percent of the Americas total medical checkup expenses? That is about 78.5 billion dollars (CDC). If we all eat healthier, expenses like these could be lowered. That is wherefore kids, especially students, should eat more flushed foods. All of us know that eating our fruits and ve dis mayables is important for our health. But how important is it? Healthy eating butt actually cast down a persons risk from maturation all illnesses such diabetes, obesity, hypertension, etc. Foods with the proper nutrients and vitamins shadow increase a persons immunity so that they bequeath not be susceptible to the diseases. For example, a higher calcium intake can reduce the risk for developing diabetes (M.N.T). According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, a minimum of 400 grams of fruits and vegetables must be eaten by kids ages 11- 16 per day ( CDC).These atomic number 18 the necessary amounts to obligate a good health and not get sick. Healthy eating suffices you maintain a good weight. About one to two months ago, my groom, Sutter Middle School, required everyone to be part of the physical physical fitness program. Students must have their weight and height measured during this program. I detect that there were students who were really nervous about measuring their weight. I complete that kids with the lack of health can sometimes feel self-conscious when it comes to their weight, whether it macrocosm underweight, overweight, or obese. Depending on the age, a person must consume a consistent amount of calories per day to maintain a decent weight. A healthy diet consisting of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, etc. offers a good and equilibrate calorie supply.Fatty foods, like murphy chips, soda, pizza, hamburgers, etc. contain as well many calories per serving. For moderately active kids, males ages 14-18 can have 2200-2800 calories per day and females ages 14-18 can have 2000 calories per day (Exercise). We have all heard that eating a healthy diet is expensive, and people have used that as an self-justification for not eating a healthy diet, but healthy foods do not necessarily cost more than less healthy foods, says Andrea Carlson, an economic expert from the U.S. Department of Agricultures Economic Research Service. Junk foods may be convenient and tasty, but they dont cost any more than fresh and healthy produce. The price of carrots is half the price of potato chips by portion size. According to AndreaCarlsons and her colleague Elizabeth Frazos studies, when considering portion size, the least to most expensive types of food argon grains, dairy, vegetables, fruit, protein and less healthy foods. (Carlson).Another important benefit from eating healthy is energy. eating healthy allows students to have the energy to carry through well in school and sports. Foods that contain a lot of n utrients and vitamins offer a long digestion time, large-minded you a slower and stable release of energy (Straight Health). The longer the digestion will take, the longer your energy will function. Principals often call during the week interchangeable testing to say to get plenty of rest and eat a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast can actually help students with testing because a meal containing complex carbohydrates, protein, fat, etc. can observe a drop in blood profit and allow students to last throughout the day (Healthier). galore(postnominal) people often think, Well foods with a bunch of sugar can make you energetic. That is true. Though that is true, junk foods with a lot of simple carbohydrates, also known as sugar, induce a big boost in energy but also create a sugar crash. A sugar crash is when you consume foods that are loaded with sugar and lack other nutrients. Then later, your blood sugar suddenly spikes down, causing fatigue and dizziness, negatively affe cting students school performances (Straight Health). Many beneficial consequences can be made if students eat more healthy foods. It can help students reduce their risk from developing any illnesses, maintain a good and balanced weight, and allow them to have the energy to perform well in school and/or sports. What are you waiting for? Go grab a healthy snack and enjoy it

3 Categories of Organisms

Week 2 Week Two signifier Discussion Class Discussion Graded Activity Class Discussion (25 points) Instructional Objectives for this occupation Identify the three ecosystem trophic categories of organisms. In Chapter 5, the different trophic categories in an ecosystem be discussed and the importance of to each one of the trophic categories is described in detail. For this weeks class discussion, please review the materials assigned in chapter 5, and answer all the prompts below.What are the three ecosystem trophic categories? Give 2 examples of each trophic social class that can be found in your town, city or county. What trophic category do you think is the most important in the ecosystem and wherefore? What is biodiversity? Is it important? Relate biodiversity to the trophic categories. What would happen to the rest of the trophic categories if ane them was wiped out?The minimum expectation for class discussions is to respond at a time to each part of the discussion promp t and to respond to at least dickens another(prenominal) posts, either by a student or instructor, by the end of the week Submit one main post responding directly to each part of the discussion prompt. This should be a substantive repartee to the topic(s) in your own words, referencing what you have discovered in your required indication and other learning activities.You may use resources in addition to your text edition that support your post(s) however, you must mention the source(s) that you used in your post(s). Reply to at least two posts. Responses can be made to students or to your instructor. Responses to other individuals posts should Expand on their ideas Discuss the differences between your thoughts and theirs Explain why you equalise or disagree. For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA elbow room section of the syllabus.

Life of Pi Prompts Essay

Directions Choose star of the prompts below. Construct a well up thought- knocked out(p) essay that demonstrates the skills you have gained this year. First, redeem out or type up your thesis statement and upshot sentences. by and by receiving teacher feedback, develop a first draft. Again, using the writing rules you turn in and the strategies youve learned, show evidence of proof-reading on this first draft. Turn these two artifacts (thesis and topic sentences & proof-read draft) in on the day the essay is due. Turn your final perfect(a) version into by midnight on Monday, June 10th.Prompt 1Contemporary authors oft utilize multiple voices or chronicle points of view in inn to provide their readers with a fuller, more complete view of the characters and their situation. Write a well organized essay in which you disassemble Yann Martels use of both Pis and the narrators voices in the coitus of Pis story.Prompt 2A popular puzzle out of novels and films is th e bildungsroman, the story of a characters emotional or psychological coming of age. Write a well-organized essay in which you examine the support of Pi as a bildungsroman.Prompt 3A narrative technique often employed by novelists and playwrights is to present multiple versions, told by multiple sources, of the same event. Write a well-organized essay in which you analyze the meaning of varying accounts of Pis tale and what they contribute to the boilers suit meaning of the novel.Prompt 4Read the passage from chapter(s) 96 through and through 99, beginning with chapter 96 and ending in chapter 99 with Mr. Okamotos manifestation about the tiger No trace of it has been found.Write a well organized essay in which you analyze the sources of humor in the colloquy between Pi and the Japanese interviewers, and examine what this humor contributes to the overall affect of the novel.Prompt 5Read the authors note and write a well-organized essay in which you analyze the authors former for telling the story of Pi Patel and the impact of this motive on the usual credibility of the authors account.Prompt 6Read chapter 86 in its entirety. Then write a well-organized essay in which you prise Pis declaration of love for Richard Parker as a closing in the development of Pis character.

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CVS case study

EGG no changes +2 edema bilateral ankles Medications weather forecasting 20 MGM per day, aspirin 325 MGM per day Answer the questions and submit via Dropped Questions 1 . What otherwise questions should the nurse ask about the fatigue? Is the fatigue constant or intermittent- to determine what cause could be acute vs.. Chronic Is there a simple reason for the fatigue-such as boredom, extra activity, no ease, etc. What is the quality of your sleep? Have you had any recent illnesses or change in medications ETC or prescribed? Any new stress in your life? such as family/ health financial/emotional/physical etc.. What does your diet consist of on a daily basis, Is this new? Also does it Include alcohol/ caffein/ take If so how much? 2. What other assessments would be for this forbearing? peradventure some tests such as EGG, EEK, stress test, sleep test/observation, etc. research lab tests such as CB w/ dif, TTS, LAP, cholesterol, IAC, serum glucose, fasting glucose, U/ A, CPM, 812, meet Review of medications, past medical history, vaccination records, environmental factors, family history judgement of other current problems or homonyms.Weight 3. What are some causes of fatigue? Thermodynamic, anemia, thyroid gland dysfunctions, auto-immune, DIM, formability, osteoporosis, medications, stress, disturbed sleep patterns, excessive physical activity, obesity, excessive alcohol/smoking/caffeine, imbalanced diet- too much or to less, imbalance in peregrine volume, CHEF, COOP, bowel disturbances, facile and electrolyte imbalances, recent illness viral/infection, and many more. 4. expose a problem constitute from objective and subjective data. Problem listPain, TN, Hyperglycemia, edema of lower extremities, elevated HER, decreased BP, fatigue, bill lung adventitious sounds 5. What should be included in the plan of care? Teaching diet/meds/ consumption/when to seek medical attention/ reduce risk factors Monitor- Strict 1&0, Free. Vs., monitor cardiac rhythm, ed ema-TED/SCUD/elevate, lung sounds, 02 saturation, skin integrity, neuron checks, pain, pulses, lab values, bargain of current medication, daily weight. Encourage- compliance with diet, medication regimen, exercise program, and overall health maintenance. Based on the readings, what is the most likely cause of fatigue for this patient? CHEF HER- 112 Heart pumps harder in attempt to get more blood to the body. Fatigue- callable to less blood and oxygen to vital organs. Edema- Due to the weakness of the internality pumping less fluid to the kidneys. Kidneys release rennin, negotiations, and lodestone which holds on to sodium and attracts fluid into the vascular system. Lung crackles The weak heart contractions cause fluid to build up in lungs. HEX of MI, TN, and hyperglycemia are all precipitating factors.

Problem Statement of Lubricant Industry Essay

Lubricant industry is a very warring industry beca character many companies around the world have created their own common soldier label and competition between the well-known product in the grocery such as Shell, Castrol, Royal Purple etc. The availability of a vast range of products at competitive prices has been a major ingredient in attracting customers to lubricants commercialise. As a result, many manufacturers of lubricants, including biggish corporations, have been crisply pursuing international and Asia markets. Moreover, the market share of the industry is monopolized by big corporations, such as, Petronas, Shell and Caltex.The big corporations and manufacturers have the advantages many small companies neglect of, such as, expensive advertisement, sponsorship and expert management team. For the small businesses to tap into market that has been monopolized by big corporations is very difficult for companies. Psychologically, consumers always and only use products th at are recommended by peers or they have been using it for a plot (2). Because of this reason, products that are very new will be hard to market their distinguishs into the market effectively.The user confidence is very low because weak brand image, uncertain quality and doubtful suitability. Besides that, counterfeiting has become the major bring down for various types of products in the market. As technology become more sophisticate and cheap, many counterfeiters easily copied products that are well-known and established. This also becomes a line of work by Moto7 Distribution S/B to overcome as it has to debate with the original products and counterfeit products, hence making the market shares become lots smaller.

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Hybrid Vehicles: the Dark Side Essay

AbstractIn the past decade, intercrossed electric gondola vehicles (HEV) ingest been ma fagot a big commotion with the innovative, artillery saving technologies that accomp either them. The illusion that HEVs ar 100 percent environmentall(a)y friendly in all aspects also follows the HEV wave. Sadly the illusion often wins over unsuspecting customers the instant interrupt gas mileage is hold outed. This check out on the environmental impact of the crossbreedingizingisation electric vehicle observes the unobserved sides of the automotive green movement. The piece comp ars how an ordinary gasoline vehicle (non-HEV) bed hand gas mileage that is just as good, if non better, than the much expensive hybrid option. This reality check on the newest technologies uproots what manufacturers do non deprivation any sensation to know or think about when buying a vehicle including environmental pollution of the hybrid electric vehicle, non-HEV terminate scrimping, the lea ve out of pay-back from owning an HEV, and how the HEV lacks the level of versatility required for many another(prenominal) Ameri mountain families.Hybrid Electric VehiclesThe racy SideThesis Hybrid Electric Vehicles should cease to be garden truckd beca use up of tetrad master(prenominal) issues environmental pollution has not depressd, better fuel economy plenty be achieved in non-hybrid vehicles, in that location is no payback in owning a hybrid, and hybrid vehicles do not possess the same versatility many Ameri support families need.I. Environmental Pollution and the Hybrid Electric Vehicle A. Batteries determine Nickel, Lithium, and Lead1. Mining these materials is hazardous, causes acid rain2. Shipping these materials is bely and the expat vehicle add togethers to pollution B. Car accidents go a languish3. Vehicular accidents happen all of the time, HEV batteries be prone to damage and rouse leak harmful materials (acids) into the environment. 4. Recycling batte ries is hopeless right now. Where do the batteries go? II. Non-HEV open fire EconomyC. European Diesels vs. HEV5. For decades European automotive companies switch been producing diesel go world powered gondola cars achieving mpg in the 40-90 range depending on the size of the vehicle 6. the Statesns declargon yet to adopt this engineering referable to discrepancies in emissions controls and standards. D. Alternative Fuel Technologies7. Hydrogen power is decorous much available to the consumers in larger cities such(prenominal) as Los Angeles and New York City. 8. The engineering science is still rather expensive, notwithstanding if the government stop wasting capital on HEV development and started spending on the development of Hydrogen Power, our depending on foreign oil would diminish and we would provoke a reliable, renewable, and ecologically fail slide fastenerIII. HEVs Do non Pay To OwnE. Non-HEV vs. HEV9. Most non-HEVs leave croupe tend to pay themselves glum in a matter of geezerhood because they have excellent maintenance costs and relatively easy upkeep. 10. HEVs have many new features that are expensive to keep up in todays market, especially with limited accessibility to replacement parts. F. sustenance11. HEVs are filled with a embarrassment of new costs that can drain a wallet dry Depending on how long an HEV is own the owner must maintain dickens the electric and gas motor along with the assault and shelling. 12. A outpouring costs upwards of an expensive $2,000.IV. HEVs and the universeG. Urban creation and HEV Use13. just about Americans live in obturate cities where fuel consumption is tremendous and pollution is a major problem. 14. HEVs tolerate the convenience of shutting off the gas motor while stopped and operating tho the electric motor when in stop-and-go traffic. 15. More accidents happen in and around the metropolis it is to a greater extent homogeneously for a hybrid to be subject to accidents in the city. H. Rural Population and HEV Use16. Many people living in small towns and villages need four-wheel priming vehicles that can take hard labor. 17. Gas mileage is indispensible to this population. 18. HEV applications in trucks and bid utility vehicles have failed to deliver gas mileage commodiously select to that of non-HEVs. 19. Blue collar workers need vehicles with muscle and power, HEVs do not offer that.ConclusionHybrid Electric VehiclesThe Dark SideThe hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) has become an passing popular election for many Americans in the past decade. Because it has become so popular, the HEV has lead to many new and scratchy environmental impacts on a global level. Hybrids have been viewed as the say to the United States oil dependency. Providing superior fuel economy and lower emissions, a hybrid car was sure to be a hit among city-dwelling citizens however, the popularity of the HEV is reference to look like a forged thing. HEVs require a batte ry to power the electric motor.The batteries contain chemicals that can be released into the environment in the case of an accident or disposal. This is a serious problem that necessitate to be addressed. Hybrid Electric Vehicles should cease to be produced because of four main issues environmental pollution has not minifyd, better fuel economy can be achieved in non-hybrid vehicles, at that place is no payback in owning a hybrid, and hybrid vehicles do not possess the same versatility many American families need. Environmental Pollution and the Hybrid Electric VehicleSmog infested cities have been searching for an answer to pollution the hybrid vehicle was the response or so it seemed. HEVs have been around long adequate to leave both a positive and a negative impact on the environment. A hybrid was meant to reduce fuel consumption and minimize harmful emissions and it does the personal credit line well however, the people who see a hybrid as eco-friendly do not see the polluti ng monster that hides behind the cloak. Hybrids require a plethora of different parts that normal cars do not typically need. The absolute process requires a tremendous amount of energy from other sources, such as diesel power. The process through which HEV batteries are made emits much impurities than an HEV provide produce in its lifetime. Not only(prenominal) can HEVs produce pollution forrader they are made, but they can also contribute to pollution while driving down the road. If one of these vehicles were to get in a major accident, the harmful chemicals within the battery could leak into the worldly concern and contaminate water supplies. The same thing happens when HEVs are sent to the leveling yard.The batteries are not easy to recycle and there has yet to be an high-octane and environmentally safe way to dispose of the hazardous materials. The hybrid electric vehicle has started to fuel controversy over the professedly environmental impact of such vehicles. Most b atteries found in HEVs today constitute of nickel metal hydride (NiMH), or lithium ion (Li-Ion) two very toxic chemicals. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (2011), the some environmentally vulnerable component of a hybrid vehicle is the battery. Disposing of the batteries is a major concern and manufacturers have yet to present proper disposal instructions.The largest environmental problem with batteries is the mining and manufacturing of the raw materials that go into them. Many human and implement workers are needed to extract the materials from the Earth, producing immense amounts pollution and damaging the health of the humans in the mines (para. 8). HEVs have a long way to go before becoming the optimal eco-friendly vehicle Dr. Dominic Notter of Empa Technology and Society lab (2010) writes that 15 percent of the total environmental burden can be ascribed to the battery (including its manufacture, maintenance and disposal), (para. 7). Notter su ggests that lithium batteries are not as environmentally bad as they were first understood to be.The Empa team speculates that the biggest environmental impact by HEVs is the sources where the electricity is produced to charge the batteries. The sources can be an assortment of nuclear, coal-fired, and hydroelectric power creating a heavily offset balance between the emissions of the source and the battery itself. In short, HEVs are indirectly responsible for the environmental impacts ca utilise by the batteries (Niederst, 2010).Non-HEV Fuel EconomySetting aside the problems associated with HEVs, Non-HEVs are plenty capable of achieving enormously better fuel economy. European diesel technology has come a great distance in the past ten years. Many small diesel cars are able to achieve seventy to eighty miles per congius with stock configuration, compared to standard gasoline which in most small cars only achieves thirty miles per gallon. Thirty miles per gallon by U.S. standards is pretty good, but it can be better. Today there are large trucks that can achieve cardinal miles per gallon on diesel fuel, yet smaller gas trucks will get only fifteen miles per gallon. The technology to make Non-HEVs much fuel efficient is there it just unavoidably to be utilise and executed. Part of the reason that the U.S. has not used new diesel technology is because of the emissions standards difference from Europes current standards, but there is no acceptable reason why the U.S. cannot invest bringing smaller, cleaner diesels to the market.Engineers have been improving the efficiency of upcountry combustion engines for over one cardinal years. The article Fuel Economy TodayAlt Fuels Tomorrow (2010) suggests that the king of fluid energy efficiency is diesel fuel, (para. 3). Diesel fuel is a major driving force in the U.S. economy by propulsive nearly 1.3 million long haul semi trucks on U.S. roadstead every day (Aerodynamic, 2011, para. 2). Nearly every item on todays market is delivered by either diesel tan semi truck or locomotive, which constantly raises demand for the most updated diesel technologies as the U.S. economy strives to go green. On another bet, diesel is becoming a popular option on smaller, lighter duty vehicles sum diesel could be the next gasoline.This transition could lead buyers away from the hybrid market as most small diesels provide decent fuel economy and in the long run are a better deal. According to natural gas Panic 2011 Hybrid/Electric Vehicles Not the reception (2011), Joe Wiesenfelder, senior editor of, believes that, for economic purposes, the purchase of an HEV because of fuel costs makes junior-grade sense. Buying a Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt now is no more logical and probably less- due to market realities. The new compacts like the Chevy Cruze, Ford Focus and Hyundai Elantra are a better choice in the long run due to lower price and dear fuel economy, asserts Wiesenfelder (para. 6). Non-HEVs m ay not be as efficient as a gas/electric hybrid, but the extra expenses associated with HEVs are enough to say that Non-HEVs are the most economically reasonable choice when purchasing a new car. Alternative energy is another way America can eliminate its dependence on foreign oil.One of the most popular developing fuels is atomic number 1. Hydrogen is an extremely efficient fuel that emits only water, while regular 87 octane gas is tremendously inefficient and it emits deplorable gases. If the U.S. strongly invested in the development of hydrogen within the next century, the area could be fully independent of foreign oil and fuel prices would be minimal. Today hydrogen vehicles are available for lease in some major cities. Currently the technology is not quite ready for chain reactor production as the system is not durable enough for heap production and the technology is still too expensive to make any giant leaps in progress. Politics are the major issue behind the slow prog ression of hydrogen fuel technologies.Jonathan Gal (2009) noted that the reason why preference energies are not being pushed for with as much excitement is because the idea is worth billions of dollars and oil companies are taking good of the situation and jacking up prices on oil-based products. Big companies know that once alternative fuels become widely available to the public the profits will straightaway disintegrate (para.3). Oil barons have been fighting against the move for alternative fuels, which is graspable however, they do see the profitability in accommodating alternative fuels and are quickly scooping up companies that want to produce the new energies.Hydrogen is a great fuel for America to renew itself. In opposition to the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel, one cleverness argue that it is cold too explosive to use in a passenger car and is simply not safe the Hindenburg is a prime example of its dangerousness. The Hindenburg was a German airship that was filled with hydrogen and coated with a close-grained aluminum and iron oxide paint. The myth is that hydrogen was the main cause of the Hindenburg catastrophe. Although hydrogen was a key player, it was the high gearly reactive coating that ignited the beam to start the hydrogen on fire. Of course there is more to that story, but it proves that hydrogen is only as dangerous as the machines it is engineered into.HEVs Do Not Pay to OwnOver the last decade it has been speculated that owning an HEV will never pay to own within the lifetime of possession. The average non-HEV will typically take five years to pay for itself. Americans want a car that will be useful, reliable, and will pay to own. Typical American families will run their cars for ten to fifteen years before getting a new vehicle because with all other expenses taken into account a new car is the last expense a growing family needs to worry about. HEVs are packed with relatively new technologies that are not easily and e conomically replaced. Replacement HEV parts are tricky to scratch and are never cheap. A typical battery for a HEV can run up a bill of more than $2,000. Fleming, Privott, Taylor, and McDuffie (n.d.) have make research regarding the lifetime of a typical HEV battery. Granted many HEVs have not been around long enough to need replacement, the team used a figure of ten years to estimate the annual cost of battery maintenance and replacement.After meeting with automotive dealers to gather prices of replacement HEV batteries, the team produced the price of an HEV battery to be about $2600, there would be an additional cost of approximately $3400 for installation. Compare this information with the cost of a Non-HEV battery price of about $30-$40 and the price differential becomes extremely apparent (p.6). Expensive repairs make a vehicle incredibly difficult to pay off within the lifetime of the ownership.Non-HEVs have been around long enough to the point where paying for repairs is r elatively cheap and parts are easy to find many components are interchangeable and can be installed by anybody. The internal combustion engine, according to Virginia Techs puddle on readiness Restructuring (2007), has been the most preferred method of supplying energy to major companies globally because the machines are easy to maintain, familiar to all ages, and high dependability (para.4). Although HEVs are advertised to be the new family vehicle, it is obvious there are many issues that need to be taken into account before the HEV will truly be a family and economically friendly vehicle. HEVs and the PopulationThere are billions of people on this planet, but only a few select groups of the populace really need or want HEVs. Many of the people who live in heavily urbanized areas, such as Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles are the only populations who could benefit from using an HEV. A convenience offered by an HEV is that it can shut off the gas motor when stopped and run s olely on the electric motor to reduce the harmful emissions that all major cities are prone to. The use of the electric motor also eliminates gas consumption during stop-and-go traffic, which is when most pollution from kill accumulates. Cities are victim to a large number of accidents every year.From buffer zone benders to pile-ups, all types of accidents are highly likely in a city setting. HEVs are equipped with all of the latest safety technologies, but what is most dangerous is the leaking and spreading of battery acid during an accident and afterword, not to list hybrids are also quieter than gas vehicles making the hearing impaired commonplace more likely to end up on the hood of an moving HEV. Joanne Silburner of NPRs Health Blog, suggests that without the engine noise, blind people and people earshot to music are the most likely to walk in front of an HEV without knowing any better. Silburner also points out that the uneducated driver of an HEV might be a possible risk to pedestrians as HEV engines shut off when the car is not moving leading to what could be a brat reaction from the driver (para.6-7).In small towns and awkward areas across the U.S. many families need fuel efficient, people-moving, and reliable vehicles that are easy to maintain. HEVs do not make the cut when it comes to meeting the needs of a rural-dwelling family. In rural areas, places and locations are commonly spaced widely apart and highways or two lane roads connect them. HEVs are known to get worsened gas mileage on the highway than in the city, which is incredibly unsympathetic to the long distance commuters. Automotive companies have tried to address these problems with hybrid trucks and sport utility vehicles however, the performance of the vehicles was too poor to achieve a tremendous upgrade in gas mileage.The failure to produce an efficient hybrid truck brought the automotive companies back to the drawing board. Today there are large diesel trucks that can achieve an impressive twenty-two miles per gallon while hauling heavy loads. According to U.S. Department of Energy (2011), diesel vehicles meet the same emissions standards and regular gas vehicles and the diesels are more powerful and fuel efficient than similar sized gas engines (about 30-35% more efficient), (para.1). With the technologies available today humans can fine-tune machines, like car engines, to run at top efficiency and still produce vast amounts of power to add both thrill and utility to the drive.ConclusionHEVs are popular it is unlikely that the major automakers of the world will even dish out pulling HEVs from their lineup of vehicles. The consequences in the marketplace would be too large. world eco-friendly is a major perk to most people companies need to conform to their respective customer base. This accommodation restricts the companies from taking back their promises and providing a true eco-friendly product. Overlooked environmental pollution, non-HEV improvem ents, HEV cost of ownership and population demands are all reminders of how the eco-friendly revolution has blinded the general public from what happens behind the green screen. It is up to the people to understand that HEVs are not the key to a happy future, but are another obstruction to achieving the real eco-vehicle.ReferencesAerodynamic add-ons reduce fuel consumption of semi trucks by 7-12%. (2011, February 16). Retrieved sue 16, 2011, from http// Consortium on Energy Restructuring, Virginia Tech. (2007). Internal Combustion Engines. Retrieved border district 23, 2010 from http// Fleming, D., Privott, T., Taylor, J.R., & McDuffie, T. (n.d.). Hybrid electric vehicles vs. internal combustion engine vehicles Which gives you more bang for your buck?. Retrieved March 22, 2011 fromhttp// rtime%20ventures/2010%20World%20View%20of%20Math%20and%20Data%20Analysis/THomas%20Privott-%20Davis%20Fleming.pdf Fuel economy today Alt fuels tomorrow. (2010) Fleet Equipment 36(3), 14. worldwide Reference Center Gold. Web. Retrieved March 16, 2011Gal, J. (2009, July 06). The politics of alternative energy. 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