Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Existentialism And The Stranger

Existentialism and The Stranger What is the meaning of heart? What determines the fate of an several(prenominal)? It is of these cerebrations that the conception of Existentialism was borne. The concepts underlined by this ideology span m some(prenominal) mediums, mayhap some importantly through novels, which helped to make it backbreaking know passim the post WWII era. Of these empiric novels, one of the most prestigious would be that of Albert Camus, The Stranger. It is within the covers of this book that the protagonist, Meursault, depicts his induce existential school of thought by quizzical not whole his own ad hominem human beings, but also that of a higher(prenominal) being, as well as showing a lower for anything worldly or superficial. As previously stated, dubietying ones own existence is a phenomena observed by most existentialists, thats to say, believers in the existential ideology. Meursault undergoes this thought process throughout the novel, cons tantly irresolutioning his purpose in the grand scheme of things. One such instance, wherein Meursault displays his existential thoughts arises when his pigeonhole asks if Meursault would mind taking a contrast in Paris. His political boss implies that by moving to Paris, Meursault would extradite the opportunity to change his life. However, Meursault thinks that, ...
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people never change their lives, that in any case one life was as hot as an other(a)... (Camus 41). In this thought, Meursault highlights his existential orgasm to answering the question presented to him by his employer by showing that, to him, the square of human existence is meaningle! ss, that one persons life doesnt mean more than any other persons life. Through this thought process, Meursault fortifies his stance as an existentialist. To continue, Meursault doesnt simply question his own existence, but also that of any higher beings, namely divinity. Meursault never once believes in a God throughout the entire novel, not even when the whim in God might offer him salvation from an prematurely death. However, he...If you want to let down a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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