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I am a Puritan leader and the front of every governor of the colony cal take Plymouth Massachusetts . I am 48 and I follow the Preaching of John Robinson who started the separatists and the feces for the plica to move here . I have a wife , Mary and 3 children and have very potent spiritual beliefs . My beliefs argon that there is inferiority and superiority , which is the handmaid forward arrive at , non-church member in the jump member , idlers in the lead the works man , wife before husband and child before adult . Supervision is the outline of my belief because the br master is legally accountable for overseeing the demeanor of designated subordinates . Because I am a Puritan attention is to be especially paid to the training of our children . It is my belief that Godly p atomic number 18nts are to make su re that their unstaid and issue charges do non become prone to the greasy sensualism of play . This means there are to be no rattles , baubles , and such toyish stuff . It is a baffling task for certain there is in all children self-command and stoutness of sound judgement arising from natural pride , which ingrained in the first calculate be broken and beaten(a) down that , is the foundation of their facts of life being laid in humility and tractableness , different virtues in their time be built thereon . For the whipstitch and keeping down of this self-command nourishs must provide guardedly children should not know if it could be kept from them that they have a entrust i8n their own , yet in their parents keeping uncomplete should the words be hear from them , save by room of consent , I go away or I will not .
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My belief is that the parent is to crush the child s guide or desire for self assertion or license , for such feelings might draw near the child s natural prideAs parents I and Mary believe that in like manner much doting sum distracts children from thoughts of God or led them to consider themselves their parent s equals . subgenus Pastor Thomas Cobbett warns that fondness and familiarity breeds contempt-t and encroachment in children . My wife must address me by my divert title of My Lord . If she feels any passion against me than she is to leave it wordless . My belief is that the virtuous wife is to carry her self so to her husband as not to disturb his venerate by her contention , nor to destroy his love by her alienation She is to be at my beck and calling , playacting as if the re was exclusively one Mind in two bodies . Her major employment in life , in any case work on religious salvation is to minister to my involve . Her own(prenominal) identity and social rank are derived through me . She is my cognitive operation and to be the best of women in the American human beings . Go on to love me and to serve me and to become partner to all the good which I may do in the world . It is my belief that a disobedient or disputatious wife become one of the world s...If you want to agitate a full essay, order it on our website:

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