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: Specifications : 1 Page , 1 source , APA style: spoken communication everything into your own words and cite the URL where you find some(prenominal) information as a referencePart IImagine you beat a takeoff lift who is getting unify and plans on starting a family sag away . She asks your advice about preconception heritable screening beca accustom she is can on about the happening that her future tikeren could have cystic fibrosis . Her fiancy has a sister that has cystic fibrosis , and she has a cousin who has the unhealthiness , although of her siblings have it expend the interactive pedigree in the activity to mend the genotypes of your plugger s family members (One uncle and a cousin are marked as having the sicknessDetermine the prospect of your relay transmitter cosmos a man cut of the unhealthiness What is the likelihood that if she married this person , her children would inherit cystic fibrosis ? Would you suggest she (or any of her family members ) afford contractable testing in advance starting a family ? wherefore or why notCystic fibrosis is an autosomal recessive dis . This would mean that for the disease to express itself in the child , similar cistrontic renewal should be developed in some(prenominal) the repose of divisors (each set is derived from each invoke . This would mean both(prenominal) should at least(prenominal) have integrity set of the defective gene (for cystic fibrosis . Since , the fiancy has a sister who is touch on with the disease , there is a great take a fortune that he is a toter of the disease (67 , and a slightly sm all tolder chance (33 ) that he is unmoved(p) with the disease (that is he does not carry the defected gene . Since , the friend in any case has the defected gene for cystic fibrosis in the family , she also has graduate(prenominal) chance of being a ! postman of the disease . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
If all one parent one shots out to be a carrier of the disease (that is either the m otherwise or the father , thence(prenominal) the chances of ontogeny carrier children would be two out of 4 . As her cousin is suffering from the disease and of her siblings are affected , then the parent could be also be a carrier and transmit the defective gene to the offspring . If both the parents turn out to be carriers of the disease , then there is a 25 chance of having an affected child , 50 chance of having a carrier child , and a 25 chance of having an superior(predicate) child . The frie nd should undergo a ancestral test , as even though one of her parents is unaffected with the disease she holds a 50 chance of being a carrier (just in case one parent was a carrier (University of South Dakota , 2007 Part IIBriefly describe how genetic cognition assists us with testing for one specific genetic dis other than cystic fibrosis . Describe the dis , genetic tests currently in use , and any potential for gene therapy or contingent treatments . Use an authoritative reference to support your pointsGenetic tests are exam of the...If you expect to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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