Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Secrets Of The World's Extreme Divers

My word is called Secrets of the worlds uttermost(a) dive eventrs. This article explains how for penguins, being able to gestate their breath the longest could be in the blood. They can stay underwater for more than 20 transactions without surfacing for air. Emperor penguins atomic number 18 among the animals living in the south-polar and elsewhere that are extreme divers. Some of these animals can hold their breath even longer, and appease to perform strenuous invent even after the oxygen levels in their bodies are measly enough to render a benignant diver unconscious. These animals do things that its still inconceivable for us to do draw out with very major(ip) mechanical help. If they were forced to stay at the surface, emperor penguins would only when go hungry. Such animals must dive to reach their food, which lies duncical below the oceans surface. Researchers are probing how emperor penguins and other animals perform breath-defying feats. And the answers mi ght eventually prove reclaimable in medicine. When a person has a stroke or heart attack, the cells in the body wear outt buzz off enough oxygen (the person has a low oxygen level). If scientists could figure out what allows some animals to non only survive but also thrive in such tough conditions, that knowledge could show how to help human race patients handle low oxygen levels better.
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Humans cant last long on one breath. We wouldnt tucker out much food. Without enough oxygen, we quickly go unconscious. But diving animals have ways of making one breath rattling last. As most birds and mammals inhale, oxyg en enters the lungs and then moves on into t! he blood. A kind of molecule in the blood called hemoglobin sticks to oxygen, convey it like a boat carrying a passenger to assorted parts of the body. Another molecule called myoglobin stores oxygen in muscle. stem O is important because it helps cells get energy from food. This chemical reception makes water, hundred dioxide and ATP, a molecule that contains energy and powers the bodys activity. The light speed dioxide leaves...If you want to get a dear essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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