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What Do Art Critics Think Of Agnes Martin

Running Head : AGNES MARTINNegative and Positive Views on Agnes Martin s WorkNameUniversityCourseTutorIntroductionAgnes Martin is a noned Canadian-American painter who was born in March 22 , 1912 and passed out-of-door on December 16 , 2004 . Agnes moved to the US in 1931 and became an American Citizen in 1950 . She was born in a Canadian townsfolk referred to as Macklin located in Saskatchewan . The university of in the buff Mexico and corking of South Carolina University were the two education institutions where Agnes did her art studies . Initi all toldy , Agnes run low was almost related to New Mexico s Taos town where several artisans had colonised . In 1957 Betty Parson who was a gallery owner observe Agnes Martin . This make Agnes move to New York but she later went substantiate to New Mexico in 1967 . Th is was followed by her establishment as an artist in northern New Mexico in USA (Fer , B . 2005Agnes artistic style integrated the use of squ are grids in her engagement Her endure earned her the title a minimalist . As an artist , artist to be seen as an con expressionistic . Unlike other artists who got involved in neighborly events Agnes Martin rarely participated in social events .Agnes Martin s art throw has been accepted all over the gentleman as the works of a ingenious artist . Some of her paintings are strand in various museums . Examples of museums where Agnes Martin s art work can be found imply , Guggenheim Museum , Indianapolis Museum of cheat (Indiana ,Agnes Martin s at the National trend of Art (Washington the Museum of Modern Art (New York , and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art . through with(predicate) her work for four decades , Martin s work is respected for macrocosm actually eccentric .Some of the attributes of her art work is the combi nation of ideal geometry , and the doing of! emotions from the paintings . Her work has attracted twain positive and negative sentiments from other artists . In this , both the positive and the negative views by other artists about Agnes Martin s work will be discussedDiscussionPositive opinion by ArtistsOne right smart in which Agnes Martin s work has been appreciated is through her paintings ability to corrupt whatsoever negative thoughts or emotions In addition , the paintings are subject to promote some inner quietude . The calmness that an single experienced from looking at Martin s paintings was very critical in encouraging stability in a world that was experiencing bulky changes in the 1960s and 1970s . For instance , the American fiat was experiencing great changes which were closely related to the sexual and racial personal identity . The paintings were able to inspire people to be calm and steadfast despite all the changes that were being experienced in the hunting lodge . Agnes Martin through her wo rk tried and true to explain that art was not supposed to be an prick of social change , and this is seen by the other artists as being one of the positive feeling of her work . The work was esteem by many as a source of...If you requirement to get a intact essay, order it on our website:

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