Monday, February 3, 2014

Self Poem

Self Portrait [pic] I was born on July twelfth I comport a father name Larry I have restore named Shelly I am determined I grew up in Dexter I bash to go I sleep together to play tennis I live to play guitar I love being in a praise band I plan to major in medication ministry I love poetry home bailiwick I love God I love Miss Frazier I am kade Powell Limerick There at one time was a girl named Patti She had a preacher daddy She taught all solar day never learned to play That drove her quite zestful Acrostic 1.Pugnacious in nature Allows for little noise teacher of literature Terribly messy desk Intelligent in the highest arcdegree 2.Pointless for me to spell out Only childs play for some ecstatically boring to me Mandatory to pass Rhyme scheme Her tomentum cerebri smells so sweet Im in love with her feet When she writes me up We always make up Five senses I walk into your class to the sight of your dishy face As I hear your sweet voice beg me to head for the hills Your fresh breath wisping in my face Im apt to discover we have the same gum So minty I apprise touch it. As the bell rings, to leave. [pic] trine haiku [pic] Your hair smells so nice. The very best teacher by far Youre deoxyephedrine for your dog Lots of work to do Desk so hard to my buttocks I bottom not focus Lots of love I prevail Though write ups I do receive I still forgive you My angelic Obsession [pic] By: Kade Powell may 16, 2011 Table of contents: 1 self portrait. 2.... Limerick/ word square 3 Rhyme scheme/ 5 senses 4.... haiku --! --------------------- pageboy 1 rapscallion 2 Page 3 Page 4If you want to pack a full essay, order it on our website:

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