Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Three Major Crises Took Place During The 14Th Century, Which Lead To The Birth Of The Renaissance In The 15Th Century

Three major crises took place during the 14th century, which lead to the give up of the conversion in the fifteenth century. These included, problems within the church, the “ sombre” Plague, and the speed of light Years War. The church had problems such as multiple popes and corruption. The dumb Plague killed bingle fourth of the nation and the 100 age war was a prolonged interlocking lasting from 1337 to 1453. These third major crises of the 14th century (the problems with the church, the wispy Plague, and the 100 eld war) all lead to the hold of the spiritual rebirth in the 15th century. The problems with the church played a spoiled piece in the birth of the Renaissance. The multiple Popes were fighting for indicator and it caused problems and disruption of the churches. The Avignon pontificate was when the seat of the Pope moved from capital of Italy to Avignon. The Papal in the church lead it to be more(prenominal) humanitaria n. humanist contributions as well as lead to science, which consisted mainly in the recovery of Greek scientific literature. Due to the more humanistic ideas the Renaissance was based more on humanistic ways. Renaissance art was also influenced by the church and played a big role in the distribution of ideas and thoughts of religion which were exceedingly influenced from the 14th century. Second, the 100 long time war which lasted from 1337 finished 1453 between two royal houses for the french thrown which was sluggish with the execution of the Capetian line of cut kings. The war introduced refreshed weapons and guns which eroded the older system of feudalistic armies dominated by heavy cavalry. The first standing armies in Western atomic number 63 since the time of the Roman Empire were introduced for war, thence changing the role of peasantry. The 100 Years War was one of the major reasons for the birth of the 15th century Renaissanc e. Lastly, was the Black Plague, or the Bu! bonic plague, which killed roughly one fourth of the population. Due to the Black Plague feudal system was killed...If you want to get a undecomposed essay, order it on our website:

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