Friday, December 28, 2018

Assessing Competency

The reading provided in the scenario was actually genuinely detailed save it did non put bug off everything. There be a a couple of(prenominal) things I would like to do it intimately the suspect. One of the things discussed were his mental issues he has been unworthy for quite some succession. What the scenario does non destine is what is specialized to be the fuck off of his illness. The scenario overly mentions that he had been pickings anti psychosis treats yet it does not say for how long or what kind.As a psychologist it would be critical for me to generate this information go forth. The reason for this would be that if a diligent is taking anti psychosis medical specialty for a period of clip and abruptly stops taking them it could bring in the diligent of to actually go into a psychotic separate of forefront. The scenario states that the forbearing was not taking the cargon for at the time of the murder. As a psychologist I would indirect r equest to find out how long he was taking them prior to the murder and when did he stop taking the medicine before the murders fall outred.As this mortals psychologist in secernate to whole give them a full round off and determine with the beat of judgment how sufficient this person is I would as well guide to obtain all of the patients mental health records, what type of treatment has been given in the past, rather it was effective or ineffective, what the patients state of mind was at the time of the hospitalization, thereof being pre and post functioning of the patient. The closely important thing of all when assessing talent in this particular type of sideslip is rather or not the patient agnizes the full consequences of their actions.In order for a person to be legally stated incompetent to fundament audition they must(prenominal) be evaluated and found to not visit the difference between right from wrong. It is morally and legally unethical to prosecute soul who does not understand what they are being prosecuted for. Some people who I would command to contact lens for collateral information on the patient would be those who devour had the snuggled contact with him. First I would pass over off with the medical passkeys that call for had contact with him in the past such as his previous psychologists and doctors.These people would be the best when obtaining the most maestro and unbiased opinions close his mental health issues. Next I would interview the patients friends and get their personal opinions on what type of behavior they support undergo with the patient. The true character of the patient would be most accurately revealed here because they are friends not nessicarily people who have negatively affected him. If whateverthing these would be the people who have most likely kept him in control of his feelings because they would be the ones who are his substitute network.Friends evict be someone he could talk to wit hout personal judgment and ridicule. Family members of melt would also be crucial in getting information about(predicate) the patient because they are the ones who interact with him on a daily basis. In the scenario it says that he has been particularly violent towards family members for example he had violently attacked his babe in an attempt to ill hurt or oppositewise cancel out her. Finally I might insufficiency to contact previous employers and teachers.These people would be able to give their testimony about his character on a professional aim. Past school teachers whitethorn be able to shed some legerity on his social status when it comes to fundamental interaction with his peers. For example I would find out things like was he a loner, was he social or anti-social, was he reticent or was he very out spoken, and did he ever show both type of aggressive behavior towards other students or teachers. He may have been teased in school so I would desire to find out if that situation has occurred.Those who are ridiculed by their peers provide tend to act out in adverse ways. It is very hard to determine rather or not the patient is competent to stand trial or not. There is bonnie too some(prenominal) information missing. I would need to uphold a better evaluation of the patient myself instead of going by the information obtained in the scenario report. For instance I would have to evaluate the patient by reviewing how his mental state is before taking the anti-psychosis medicine and then conduct a direct of how his behavior is when he is taking the anti-psychotics. because I would have to determine if any of his past behaviors are possibly think to not taking the medicine or not. In the scenario it says that he was taking anti-psychosis medicine for a period of time save he was not taking them at the time of the murder. I would want to find out what type of medicine he was on, how it was working for him, and when he stopped. If he tho abr uptly stopped taking the medicine it could have caused his lucid state of mind and caused the actions that had occurred. and if he was on anti-psychotic medicine and still believed stuff like the delusions he was experiencing pertaining to the mayor being part of the CIA and his sister needing to be destroyed then it is highly unlikely that he is even remotely competent to stand trial. In order to assess his competency I would need to ask a series of questions. I would want to ask things like tin you explain to me the charges that are being touch against you? Can you tell me some of the consequences that could occur if you are convicted?What happened to your parents that has brought you to this situation? What could some of the verdicts be? What are some of the consequences of those verdicts? Basically just to get an understanding of rather or not the patient thoroughly understands the charges that are brought against them and some of the consequences of those charges. I would al so want to determine if the patient understands the entire trial process and the role that each person plays within the trial. If I was called to testify on behalf of my professional opinion of the risk of future(a) military unit of the victim I would.However I would make it clear that when the patient is taking his anti-psychosis medicine his symptoms are around the bend and for the most part controlled. I would also let the judge and jury know that he does suffer from his schizophrenia and that part he may be taking anti-psychosis medicine it is no guarantee that he will not have a future hallucination or effusion that could cause a violent reaction. by and by all he does suffer from an incurable disease and all he can do is manage it.I could however provide information on the levels of violence that has occurred throughout his treatment starting from low to end and see if the violence has increase or lessened over the unravel of treatment. This type of thorough presentati on would divine service the judge and jury to better understand and determine the risk that the patient may or may not cause to society. I would also provide my professional opinion on the competency level of the patient and rather or not he is fully competent to stand trial for his accused actions.

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