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DIBS Essay -- essays research papers fc

Some clocks he sat mute and unmoving all morning or crawled some the schoolroom floor oblivious to the other children or to his teacher. The book Dibs is a testimony of a child who seemed to be affablely retarded because he has created his own world inside of him. In her book, Virginia Axline proves that the therapy by the play is a way of curing people such as Dibs. During her book, she gives lecture to the lector of a recording taken from the sessions with the little child. During this expose, we go out develop Dibs relation with adults in particular his teachers, parents and grand mother. Then we will snap another relation the wiz with his therapist. In the second part the phenomena of rejection will be analyzed in both sides in the mother and the receive side but also with Dibs itself. Later, we will try to understand which percentage play therapy had occurred on Dibs change.When the books starts, Dibs is in the school since two years. At the line of descent he refused to talk. Some eons he could stay dumb and still during an perfect morning. Other times, he could have violent bout of anger when it was time to go back home, which provoked towards teachers and director of the school a great(p) anxiety. Was he mentally retarded? Was he suffering of a mental illness since his birth? Did his brain have received a rape? No one knew, plane his parents who always refused to talk about their watchwords attitude. But as the author, Virginia Axline, said there was something about Dibs carriage that defied the teachers to categorize him, glibly and routinely, and send him on his way. His behavior was so uneven. At one time, he seemed to be extremely retarded mentally. Another time he would quickly and quietly do something that indicated he might even have superior intelligence (Axline, Virginia Dibs in search of Self, 15). The staff clashing of class finally decide to help Dibs and to do something for him. It is at this train that the Doctor Virgini a Axline, specialized in working with children and parents is called. Dibs relationship with his teachers was non existent. His reaction was the one of an assisted person. When it was going-home time, the child used to stay in the class without a gesture waiting for the teachers to put his coat on while verbalise No go home No go home No go home (Dibs in search of Self, 1... ...ip with the examiner, whom he had never seen in the offset printing place explains Virginia Axline in her books. The results of Dibs indicated that Dibs was an exceptionally gifted child qualified of getting a score of 168 at a I.Q at fifteen years old. The lector will found in annex, a letter written by Dibs himself when he was fifteen in order to protest against an injustice. This letter shows first of all a maturity certain of the adolescent and the miracle that Play Therapy had on him. I found personally incredible to realize that this child who was command to stay in his own world all his life had been capable to write this letter where the theme of humiliation and revenge are in one case again present.Works CitedAxline, Virginia. Dibs in Search of Self. saucy York Ballantine Books, 1964Axline, Virginia. Play Therapy. New York Ballantine Books, 1969Battachi, Marco W. Une contribution la psychologie des motions lenfanthumili. Paris n.p, 1993Brenner, Charles. An Elementary standard of Psychoanalysis. New York Anchor Books Doubleday, 1973Winnicott, Donald. Playing and Therapy. London Tavistock Publications, 1971

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