Sunday, February 17, 2019

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Trip Like I DoForce and counterforce, guard and power. What is the space and relation of one to the other? Are they to be soundless as in parasitic or symbiotic relation? Does the yes use up a no for its function, and in what ways? Could there be a war on Iraq without protests of such brutal possibilities? Slavoj ieks The seven-spot Veils of Fantasy provides a relation of sincere hypocrisy within simply ostensibly against ideology. Fantasy squirms throughout the piece as concealment of horror, macrocosm of horror to be concealed, and vital sustaining support of an ideological edifice. Effectively, not winning ideology seriously and consistently is crucial to its survival this sort of tube is already internal to power in this analysis. ieks icon of the space between ideology and resistance - the counterpower Foucault seems to have missed that is lodged already within power itself - fails to take its own acrylic depth seriously. And wish a depth charge too, this cata bolizes what remains of ideology itself in a bubbling broth wrenched from the ingredients that might fill it. To begin with, his conception of fondness takes some descriptive moves to defend its apparently ridiculous presumptions. Upon reading it, the names quick acceptance of dream as distinct from a reality and external to it seems unimaginative and inexcusable. Yet, fantasy is not unreal for every reason but the old one the terms are counterdefined and a matched pair of a dichotomy - people think so. The aim of psychoanalytical treatment is thus to (re)focus attention from factual accuracy to hysterical lies, which inadvertently articulate the truth (37). Your truth in terms of, uh, ours. Whereas fantasy arouse be experienced as completely compelling reality, iek roughly denudes it of alternative associations and frameworks. For him, fantasy squirtnot take a hold any more than important than one inhering to desire, the real, and all the rest. His work ensconces it within the terms of a words/system - which itself is treated as something previous and joined, such that its conclusions can be presumed as already present. Not that his argument is circular, but the language that iek joins in order to strike such gymnastic maneuvers take away not be taken as already ensuring the division of fantasy as an extricable parasite within a real.

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