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ArchimedesArchimedes lived during 287? - 212 B.C. The nationality of Archimedes is Hellenic in which he was born in Syracuse, Sicily. (World 605). Archimedes attended a school in Alexandria, Egypt. He was trained by such greats as Conon and Eratosthenes. (Math 22)The area of work that Archimedes was knows for is his work in Geometry and uranology because his father was an astronomer. Archimedes is also known for Hydrostatics, static mechanics, pycnometry and he is called the father of total calculus. (MCS 1).His mathematical contributions are endless and are still use to this day. scratch there is his method of finding Pi, the ratio between the diameter and electrical circuit of a circle. This was greatly needed in his prison terms for builders dealing with commodious working of art. He also computed the area of a segment of a parabola. By using triangles he found them to be the pieces of Geometry. There is the Archimedean curl that is still used in Egypt to drain and fill farmland with peeing. It is a tube with a spiral screw that is turned and then the water enter the chambers and comes turn up the other side. Other remarkable works are the Sandreckoner that is where he starts a number system capable of expressing numbers up to 8x1016. He says this method can be used to numerate all the grains of sand in the world. He was also known for his maneuver of the catapult, which helped the Greeks with there Roman problems. (Math 24).Thing that helped and hindered Archimedes in mathematical greatness are concededly dealt with wars. Such as the Rome and Carthage war when the Romans decide to invade Syracuse. Archimedes used his math knowledge to come up with catapults and a large clamshell hooks, that where hooked to a lever that in turn lifted the ships out of the water and dropped them. One of the most different things that he did that dealt with the war was when they attack, Archimedes had the Greek men hold up special shaped shields that were focu sed on the ships and when the sun hit the shields the ships went up in flames this is also a novel that no one knows the truth to. This in turn helped and hinder him it make him come up with new ideas but he had no time to deal with other thing of non-war activities (Gap 7)

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