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Bakery: Marketing and Cakes

Date 12th October, 2012 form Momina Saeed 01-111102-108 Sana Khan 01-111101-113 Mian Muhammad Sajawal Marketing Plan 01-111101-157 SectionBBA 6-C ENTREPRENEURSHIP BAKELICIOUS? commercialiseING PLAN get of diffe split upiation (Pod) ? We pass on offer customized product to the customers. ? We exit oven broil cakes harmonize to the preferences and requests of the customers. ? These cakes ar made up of organic ingredients which argon nutritious. Unique marketing Proposition (USP) ? Our unique selling proposition is our family recipe for cakes. Segmentation ? We leave alone sell our product to Elite and Upper Middle class. Objectives To create awareness. ? To specialize in cakes which are different from any other cakes available in the market. ? To establish a strong presence in the market as a unique bakery. ? Spreading happiness through and through taste. ? Completing crucial moments of your life. Data Gathering Primary sources ? Direct Interviews from customers. ? Direct I nterviews from home bakers. ? We impart excessively get information through questioners filled by the customers. junior-grade sources ? Internet ? Social websites Analysis of selective information ? We will analyze the data from filled questionnaires and after conducting interviews. Marketing MixAs Bakelicious is a profit so we are using 7ps of marketing. harvest-home ? Cake, cupcakes, cookies and muffins. Price I. toll ? Our cost will vary on the size and ingredients used for cook cake. II. Customer ? For customer we will decide how much customer is willing to pay. ? As we are targeting elite and upper middle class so our cost will be some for both. III. Competitor ? As we are starting new business so our cost should be little than other competitors. Place ? We will arrive at our items at home and also do online selling. We will place st tout ensembles in funfairs in school, college and universities etc.Promotion We will do promotion through ? Fliers ? By creating Facebo ok pages Positioning ? Bakelicious will be positioned as a home based bakery that will go forth home-baked goods. ? The focus will be on whole step and freshness. ? It will be a fun and inviting alternative to mass market companies. ? We will offer highly customized products such that customers will be able to make the treats that they would bake if they had the time. People ? Momina,Sana and Sajawal Process ? People can place their orders through Facebook and through Telephone. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths ? A cake business is fun.Most battalion need cakes for special days or events so what better port to make someone smile. ? Low startup costs. Since it does not require rent some space, then rent can be taken off the budget list. ? High mark-up for cakes. Since cakes are easy to make, we can price them harmonize to their worth. Some are worth more than others precisely either way, its spillage to make a nice profit. ? Each cake represents a person or a relationship or a rejoicin g by them. So, like each individual or his/her relationship with others, the cakes are unique. ? The cakes are creative, and each is a piece of art.There whitethornbe thousands of bakeries out on that point, but there are only a handful of bakeries that make as creative cakes like Bakelicious. Weaknesses ? Bakeries products are perishable items hence need to be sold as soon as likely to gain supreme benefit. The customers also prefer fresh products. ? Our bakery has introduced few bakery items from the possible product lines. This limited menu can be seen as a weakness. ? When dealing with art, a single problem lies in every field, there are not many artists available out there to supporter us. ? Depending on the size of the kitchen, it needs extra storage space for supplies.This may require purchasing an extra cabinet or rearranging kitchen. Opportunities ? Expansion of the Product Line in the future with the introduction of more bakery items. ? bakeshop Industry is growing at a fast speed and pick out for quality food is never ending. ? Changing consumer tastes have given modernize to artisan or gourmet cakes. Sm wholeer bakers like Bakelicious with flexible output facilities can capitalize on such. ? In the recent years, customers are fit more and more health conscious and prefer home-made goods made with quality ingredients and customers are also willing to pay a high price for that.Bakelicious produces just that. Threats ? Raw-material and energy costs volatile The costs of major edged materials, such as wheat, vegetable oils, fuel for actors line can kind rapidly. The volatility in prices of raw-materials cannot affect the end-product price, thus shrinking the profit. ? Competitors Current and voltage competitors are major threats for Cakes Tell Stories. BUDGETING After analyzing the prices of the Home Bakers we are going to price our products as follows ? Ingredient cost for cake Rs 20. 000 ? 2 delivery boys salary Rs 20. 000 Rent of bikes (2) Rs 4. 000 per month ? Bikes fuel Rs 18. 000 per month. IMPLEMENTATION ? After all this marketing research we will then follow this marketing plan, all of the group members will organize and apply this marketing plan thoroughly. monitor ? One of the group members will oversee the operations in foothold of material, delivery system, advertisement and maintenance if required. ? Other two of them will bake the cakes as required. SALES PLAN OVERALL SIZE OF TARGET MARKET Islamabad Total Population 1. 15 million SECTION A Elite 7% BUpper Middle 15% C Middle 33% D Lower Middle 35% E Lower 20% Total Population = 1. 15 million Percentage of Targeted Section = x 0. 22 Targeted Section = 2. 53 Lacs Average Member in a Family = ?5 Total Families = 50,600 Families Prefer Home Made Cakes = x 0. 20 Total Targeted Families = 10,120 ATAR Fliers (15%) = 12000 Brushers (10%) = 8000 Social Website (70%) = 2000 Number of Targeted Families Initially = 10120 x 0. 15 x 0. 10 x 0. 70 = 106 Families Year s Pessimistic lifelike Optimistic 2013 100 110 130 2014 120 140 clx 2015 150 180 200 2016 200 230 260

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