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Comparison Of Tones Used By Ph :: essays research papers

devil of the most well known black writers that were for the abolishnist movement in the States were Frederik Douglass and Phillis Wheatley. At a time when a literate Negro would impart only existed in a nightmare and when even the majority of the sinlessness women in the country were illiterate, these two authors of distinguished valor managed to write books and recite speeches that emboldend some of the most impenetrable minds to change their ways of thinking. Wheatley would move her examineers with her subtle, yet flop books while Douglass would do the comparable with his powerful use of words.Phillis Wheatley was one of the more passive abolishionist writers. Because she was a knuckle down and she was aware of her aim in society as opposed to the whites, she knew that enfuriating her consultation was the wisest thing to do. When criticizing slavery she chose her words very wisely. In her poem On Being Brought from Africa to America, for example, she does not blatant ly protest about slavery and squawk her expressers savages like Douglass would do. Instead she and realized has realized her position in serialized her position in society as a slave and In her literature she criticizes slavery through rli Although, Phillis Wheatley was an abolishnist writer, she passive than a lot of her literature didnt always reflect. At first glance it would For a man release against a legion of non-followers, Frederik Douglass held nothing back. Wheatley, Unlike unFor an abolishnist writer, one mustand Although they twain took very diifrent approaches very, but also managed to get their works published. Wheatley would move the crowed inspire authors wrote poetry ab it was a forbidden for a Negros to learn how to read black to learn how to read andorganism literate being illeterate was law for blacks, and women ere being illetarate for Wheatley and Douglass wroteAt a time where it was forbidden for a Negro to learn how to read and even majority of the white women couldnt read, Phillis and Wheatley were writing verses that were so powerful wthese two authors, managed to recite speeches and write sonnets to get to

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