Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Essay on video games violence Essay

The gaming intentness greatly impacts how people, from young small fryren to adults, turn over their time. According to Health Magazine (2009), 90 percent of kids aged 8 to 16 flirt video punts, and they spend about 13 hours per week doing so ( more(prenominal) if youre a boy). Whether its educational, or ripe plain fun and entertainment video games have evolved greatly in the last 40 eld. Todays sophisticated games are in a class of its own with its naturalism and impressive graphics. With this ever advancing technology, comes better games with realistic situations.Theres no harm in playing video games for recreation. However, the problem lies indoors the crimson video games and the aggression that these video games shit in children. For years researchers and experts have issued studies linking video games to aggressive behavior. Its a controversial subject, n iodintheless, it shows just how powerful the affect the games have on children. To illustrate, CBSnews. com rep orts a story of a 17 year who bought the popular game, Grand Theft Auto.In this game, the player is encouraged to do as much illegal employment and engage in as much violent behavior as they can to be rewarded with accolades and higher points. The more heinous the act, the higher you scarper up in the game. After playing this game for nine months, the 17 year old gunned down three men, two police officers and a dispatcher in a county jail, in the same style he was trained from the video game. In the kids statement to police, he said livingtime is like a video game. Everybodys got to die sometime. This is just one example of aggressive behavior as a result of violent video games, but there are many more cases. Childrens minds are very impressionable, and violent video games are harmful to their minds because of how synergetic and realistic these games can be. According to research by child psychologist David Walsh, as further reported in the article, violent video games can be linked to physical aggressive behavior in children because of the brain. His study revealed that the adolescent brain is not fully developed. knockdown-dragout video games have a deeper impact on a teenage brain versus an adult brain.Walsh further states, its largely because the teenage brain is different from the adult brain. The beat control center of the brain, the part of the brain that enables us to think ahead, administer consequences, manage urges thats the part of the brain right behind our frontal bone called the prefrontal cortex. Thats under construction during the teenage years. In fact, the fit of that is not completed until the early 20s. Therefore, since childrens mind are legato underdeveloped, violent video games have a negative termination and cause children to believe aggression is appropriate.From the National Institute on Media and Family, six medical examination groups issue warnings as to the effects that violence has on children (1) Children will sum up anti-social and aggressive behavior. (2)Children may become less sensitive to violence and those who plump for from violence. (3) Children may fancy the world as violent and mean, becoming more fearful of being a victim of violence. (4) Children will desire to train more violence in entertainment and real life. (5) Children will view violence as an acceptable way to settle conflicts. From studies to real life examples of violent behavior, video games has shown to have an influence on childrens behavior. Violent video games will not be going away anytime soon. The barely solution to combat the issue of violent video games is for parents to be actively involved in their childrens free time and take an gratify in what their children play. Once parents are informed on their decisions to allow their children to play violent video games, they will know that if choosing violence, it will have an effect on the impressionable child mind.Parents beware.References Harding, A. (2008 ). Violent video games linked to child aggression. Health Magazine. Retrieved from http//www. cnn. com/2008/HEALTH/family/11/03/healthmag. violent. video. kids/ Bradley, E. (2005). Can a video game train someone to kill? Retrieved from http//www. cbsnews. com/stories/2005/03/04/60minutes/main678261. shtml 2010. Fact Sheet. National Institute on Media and the Family. Retrieved from http//www. mediafamily. org/facts/facts_vlent. shtml.

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