Monday, March 18, 2019

Essay --

Looking back passim American history and research existence done Chinese Americans end-to-end succession has been discriminated greatly by our country and own government. Most Chinese immigrants started to arrive in our country in the late 19th century. not many of them early on were able to get a superb or steady job. The early immigrants mainly lap uped as laborers and in the minelaying industry. Even working in the woefuler class jobs they were discriminated by the snow-covered people they were working with. Making it hard enough to keep the low paying job they had already. In response to this the 1868 Burlingame Treaty was created for equality amongst the Chinese and white laborers (Rivero, Chen, Huynh, Peterson, Lasky, 2010). Even with the passing of this treaty it did not sort much for Chinese immigrants. They still dealt with discrimination while at work causing a lot of them to lose or quit their jobs (Rivero, Chen, Huynh, Peterson, Lasky, 2010). What do it even h arder at the time newspapers and churches were rallying people together declaring this as a whites only land Because of these rallies and newspapers it made the preceding(prenominal) treaty that was passed seem non existent (Rivero, Chen, Huynh, Peterson, Lasky, 2010). A little part of a bright point in American history for Chinese immigrants was during the time of the Civil War. there were not many that dole outd in the war, but for both(prenominal) of the known few that did and survived through got some good out of it. There were Chinese that served for both the Union and Confederacy (Cohen, 1984). A lot of blacks were not accepted to serve in a white regiment and had to serve in their own little private one. Chinese Americans though did not deal with some of that discrimination a lot of the white soldi... ...% of the linked States population (Chen, 2002). Another thing to is, that even though the population in Chinese Americans is increasing a lot of the Chinese nuance is being decreased. They are becoming more Americanized one would say (Chen, 2002). It is mainly loss on in the youth of the Chinese Americans. They are adapting to our countries culture more today than ever (Chen, 2002).Our country as a whole has alter a lot in accepting the Chinese Americans in to our culture today. When looking through our countries history it is easy to see how much the Chinese were not welcomed in America and the Government did as much as realistic to keep the population as small as possible in our country. Over time though our government began to realize virtually how this was not right and revoked a lot of treaties and passing new ones that were in favor of Chinese Americans.

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