Thursday, March 28, 2019

Overview Of Clintons Impeachment Proceedings Essay -- William Jeffers

An Overview of the Impeachment Proceedings of William J. ClintonThe impeachment trial of President Clinton originated from a civil lawsuit filed in 1994 by Paula Jones. Jones alleged that in 1991 governor Clinton asked a state trooper to bring her up to his room at Excelsior Hotel, where she alleged he dropped his trousers and asked her to kiss it (Chronology of the Paula Jones Case, BBC, January, 1998). The case made it to the independent judgeship because of the Presidents request to delay the trial until the end of his term. The autonomous Court ruled that the trial could proceed, and Jones lawyers began their investigation. On December 5, 1997, Jones lawyers submitted a list of women that they would like to depose. Included on the list was the name Monica Lewinsky (The Impeachment Trial of President William Clinton, UMKC online, Linder, 2005).In 1995, twenty-one year old Monica Lewinsky began an internship at the White House. Six months later, firearm assigned to the West Wing, Lewinsky began a sexual relationship with the President. This relationship gnarly several sexual encounters that spanned from the fall of 2005 to the beginning of 2007 (Starr Report, Sect. II, CNN online, 1998). Not long after, came the authoritative Courts decision to allow the Paula Jones case to continue. In January of 1998, Attorney General Janet Reno petitioned the three-judge control panel in charge of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. The petition requested Starrs empowerment to conduct an investigation on whether anyone had committed a federal offence regarding Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton (Starr Speaks, Salon online, Starr, 1998, para.2). The Three venture panel granted the petition filed by Attor... ...At the end of William J Clintons presidency, although not impeached nor censured, he admitted to misleading testimony. Soon after this admission, in 2001, the atomic number 18 State Bar suspended his license to practice law for louver years and fined him $25,000. A few months later, the Supreme Court also move to suspend his license to practice law in front of the Supreme Court. Facing suspension, Former President Clinton resigned from the Supreme Court Bar. Referenceshttp// resource/house/roundup/ http//

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