Friday, March 8, 2019

Research Paper Essay

Pharmaceutical Companies, Intellectual Property, and the Global AIDS pandemic This case is provided at the end of chapter 3 of your text (Luthans and Doh). After version the case, and performing research on the topic, answer the following questions1.) Do pharmaceutic companies have a responsibility to distribute medicines for free or at low cost in ontogenesis countries? What are the main arguments for and against such an approach?2.) What are the principal arguments of pharma companies who oppose making c check into to IPR laws for developing countries? What are the arguments by NGOs and others for a differential treatment?3.) What refer would you expect South Africas decision to levy duties on drug imports from Western nations to have on the international distribution of drugs to South Africa?4.) In June 2002, the WTO extended the transition period during which least-developed countries (LDCs) had to provide patent protection for pharmaceuticals. In your opinion, do you think this is an appropriate change in policy, or a dangerous precedent? What could be some of the negative ramifications of this resolution? What about effects for other industries?5.) Given the initiatives announced by global information and aid organizations and among pharmaceutical companies themselves, was it necessary to relax IPR rules in order to en for indisputable that adequate supplies of AIDs medications would be available for distribution in the developing world? 6.) What role do MNCs have in providing funding or other assistance to international organizations such as the Global gunstock?Present your answers using APA-formatEight to ten pages, double-spaced, using 12-point Times immature Roman font. Also, please be sure to cite all academic information paraphrased or quoted from your researched sources of information on the case topic. Finally, be sure to include a separate Reference Page on which you cite all of your research information sources according to correct APA citation style, depending on the kind of source book, chapter, published article, internet article, etc. Submit this duty assignment to your instructor in Learning Plan 6 via the Assignment release Box labeled Research Paper.This assignment is worth 275 points and will be graded based on the typography Intensive Rubric. Be sure that your paper shows multiple revisions with improved focus and clear writing for a general audience. Please remember to check your paper against the criteria in the Writing Intensive Research Paper Rubric before submitting it (see link to a higher place in this paragraph). Also, please let your Instructor know if you have some(prenominal) questions at all regarding producing or submitting this Research Paper assignment as the course progresses.a

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