Thursday, March 21, 2019

Sophocless Electra vs. Euripidess Electra :: comparison compare contrast essays

Euripides and Sophocles wrote their own versions of the Electra story. The basic bandage is as follows Agamemnon is killed by Clytemnestra and her rooter Aegisthus after he returns from the Trojan war to reclaim his sister-in-law Helen from the Trojans. Electra and her brother Orestes plot to kill their perplex and her lover to revenge his death. Both authors wrote about the corresponding plot, but the built the story very differently. Sophocles focussed on Orestes, and Euripides focused more on the life of Electra. In Sophocless version, the play opens with Orestes learning his requirement from the Pythian Oracle he must revenge his fathers death unarmed and alone. He sends his pedagogue Pylades, as a spy, to learn about the situation in Mycenae. Electra mourns for her fathers death. She is unable to avenge her fathers murders without the serve of Orestes, her brother. She is also mad about how her gravel and her lover waste her fathers riches and desecrate his name. Her ha lf-sister Chrysothemis is no help to Electra and refuses to help in the murder of her mother and mothers lover. Pylades arrives bearing the sad news of Orestes death. He tells Clytemnestra that Orestes was killed in a chariot race at the Delphian games his organic structure was cremated and his ashes were sent to Mycenae. Concealing his identity, Orestes arrives and with the help of Electra and Pylades, plots the murder of his mother and his mothers lover. Orestes enter the palace, kills his mother and returns to Electra. When Aegisthus arrives, Orestes kills him as well fulfilling his destiny. Euripidess version is much more dramatic. The play begins with Electras pairing to a peasant. Aegisthus had tried to kill Electra but Clytemnestra convinced him to allow her to live. He decided to marry her to a peasant so her children will be humbly born and pose no threat to his throne. Orestes and Pylades arrive. Orestes says that he has cut to Apollos shrine to pledge himself to avenge his fathers murder. Orestes, concealing his identity, talks with Electra about the new-made happenings in Mycenae. She admits that she is sad that her brother had been taken away at such(prenominal) a young age and the only person that would recognize him would be her fathers old servant. She also discusses her scorn of Aegisthus desecrating the monument over Agamemnons grave and his irony of Orestes.

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