Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Operation Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Operation Management - Essay ExampleThirdly, Maielli (2005) states that the plant was aimed at addressing persistent industrial conflict. In establishing this plant, 1000 knowledge workers participated in crafting the agreement that led to the creation of the new plant. As a leading objective, the new plant was intended to address union and company industrial conflict. Besides, the existing plants had incessantly deteriorated the quality of the products, the management, therefore, set this new plant with an objective of acting as a benchmark in establishing quality production. The main goal was to foster quality, expand production, and end industrial conflicts with the unions.In addition, the objective capricious this new plant was to restore a cognitive and institutional order. Traditionally, the cable car manufacturer had suffered a great industrial unrest, in establishing the new plant the focus was establishing an industry based on realigning industrial processes and arrange under management controlled. Moreover, the objective was to streamline company operations with a view of setting car manufacturing strategy driven by astute institutional order driven by consumers intention of ameliorate quality and expanding production. Lastly, Melfi plant objective was to establish organizational turn-around that would revamp production, establish quality and promote industrial growth (Maielli 2005).The design of the Melfi plat appeared to have been substantially affected by previous experience with automation and robotics in a number of ways. The Melfi plant was significantly influenced by Post-Fordism ideas of extensive production and organizational restructuring to brook the industrial dynamics. Post-Fordism reflects a move to expand quality production the largest production plants established during the 1970s and mid-eighties were driven by this industrial ideology (Seitz &

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