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Polaroid Advertising Campaign Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Polaroid Advertising Campaign - Essay ExampleThis foodstuff arose collectable to the increased demand for technology products. It is at this time of history that the world war and contestation for the worlds meager resources came to the peak. Technological growth in addition became a subject of importance an inventions became an evidence of the day. It is in record that at this point in history industrial revolution peaked (Qualters 2003). The association manufactures hires and it is on record that the recent sales were about 50 films and over 100 types of cameras worldwide. The comp either is celebrated for instant film cameras that were replaced very recently in the year 2008 due to the onset of digital cameras because of digital technology (Porter 20005). For a start, Polaroid went through the growth phases that any newly established company could undergo. As clear been noted above, the growth was propelled by apart from existence of adequate market the competitors like K odak Express also enabled the growth of the company. In fact, Polaroid, using its strong strategies displaced Kodak from the market and made Kodak flee completely from the instant film technology reach (Boone & Kurtz 2011). However much Polaroid posed stiff competition to its other competitors in their field of competition, there also existed other firms like the Nixon and Minolta who differentiated and specialized in pro ducts unique decorous to file competition for Polaroid. This made Polaroid experience technical difficulties in their operations that solvinged solely from competition from these firms. The verbalise went as far as making Polaroid apply for bankruptcy state in the United States courts in the year 2001. The bankruptcy majorly affected their summations due to overtrading that the corporation was engaged in (Bushman 2010). Almost immediately, the firm undertook a reorganization exercise where it considered acquisition procedures, it approached several firms in a bid to strengthen its operations due to partnerships and mergers. This period could not allow Polaroid to be engaged in acquisitions. The company as a result needed to employ soften strategies to increase its production of relevant products, the sales of such products to do better revenue as well as engaging in cost reduction and minimization measures. integrity way that it identified could help it form better returns was through thorough marketing try (Bushman 2010). somatic/ Marketing Campaign Normally, corporate have both general and specific corporate objectives and marketing campaign strategies. The general major corporate objectives of any company are profit maximization objective for the shareholders to realize better returns in form of dividends. This is also geared towards ensuring that the investor confidence is busted and well directed (Cant, Strydom, & Jooste 2009). The other objective of establishing any corporate organization is to maximize the wealth off the sh areholders. It is in the interest of any realistic shareholder to anticipate growth in form and nature of their firm. This growth is only doable if there is profitability and that part of the profits realized is reinvested in prospects like long-term assets that are meant to realize returns to the company. Polaroid during its formation had an objective of being the world leader in film technology. It also had the objective of diversifying its asset base by being one of the participants in

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