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Consumption and Mass Media Worksheet Essay

1. Respond to all questions with academic paragraphs of at least 50 words. State your point of view and explain it thoroughly. What is conspicuous inspiration? How does conspicuous consumption influence purchasing finalitys? Think astir(predicate) a high- equipment casualtyd item that you impart bought or would like to buy. To what extent does conspicuous consumption affect your decision? Conspicuous consumption is the feeling of buying unnecessary pricy products and services to show off and impress the wealth of the individual. Conspicuous consumption is a bill used to get quite a little to by name brand items and lavish items to flaunt. Conspicuous consumption influences the purchasing decisions of individuals by creating the idea that high expense items atomic number 18 harder to afford and the studyity of deal want to buy the high expense items but they give nonicenot afford the item. Once the high expense items atomic number 18 purchased the individual has the forc e-out to flaunt the item to separates or show off the item to people who do not submit the corresponding item or coffin nailnot afford the like item. When I purchase an item I do not let conspicuous consumption affect my decision to an extent. I like to purchase items that be not as popular by former(a) individuals, particular women. When I buy clothes I like to have unique clothes that other women would not purchase because of the uniqueness. What is conspicuous leisure? Examples of conspicuous leisure atomic number 18 abundant on television. In what ways are leisure activities informed by social and economic class? Provide an example of a popular leisure activity. What assumptions can you put forward about the participants of the activity? Conspicuous leisure is the visible(a) leisure with the intent of displaying social status and wealth of the individual. A prime example of conspicuous leisure is the television show The Housewives of Orange County. These women showcase the expensive items and lavish lives they live. The majority of the women do not formulate and they are stay at fireside wives and a few have their own business and make their own m whizzy.One example of a leisure activity is when the women and their families go to the Hamptons for the summer time. These individuals own a home or rent a home to overlook the summer in the Hamptons. M either of these families fly to the Hamptons in their own private jet. The leisure activity explained above showcases the social and economic class of these individuals. The individuals that bear on in the television show are high class citizens. The participants participating in the activity can afford to have own more than one home and these individuals can afford to spend the entire summer time in the Hamptons. These individuals use a private jet to fly to the Hampton destination. People in the high class society individuals can lone(prenominal) afford to fly on a private jet. Define the term gl obalization. What effect does globalization have on popular culture? Provide an example of how American popular culture has influenced other countries, or how the united States has imported popular culture from other countries. Globalization is defined as extending, sharing, and developing of culture, communications, technology, material items, and food to other or all parts of the world. Popular culture has the power to globalize throughout the entire world. Popular culture is shared among many individuals from different parts of the world. Popular culture allows the sharing of objects and ideas. People can share information or images and people can develop their own ideas based on the shared information or images, such as fashion and clothes.Fashion is a major trend that is not only popular here in the U.S. but overseas too. Many fashion companies like Forever 21 are winning popular fashion pieces and trends from overseas, such as Paris and France and designing these trends for the American people. Forever 21 is taking European style and transcending the style to the American people at a afford able-bodied price. More and more designer stores, such as Chanel and Dior are becoming increasingly popular here in the United States. These designers are branching their company here to the U.S. because these designers are seeing how popular fashion has become and the brand name is what the American people want and leave alone pay to have.2. Choose an advertisement. Analyze the ad for its media message. Answer the following questions based on that ad. Who created the media message? why?Kohls Department Store created the ad. The company is advertize to their customers to spend silver on their products and receive a voucher for spending a accredited amount of money. For every $50 dollars spent, customers get a $10 coupon. Who is the intend audience? What do you know about the intended audienceage, race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic background, hobbies, prof ession? The intended audience is geared to people who buy items in bulk and spends lots of money. This ad is intended to get people to spend as much money as they can because for every $50 dollars spend they will receive a $10 dollar coupon. If a customer spends $153 the customer will get a $30 dollar coupon that can be spent on anything in the store. The advertisement is not intended at any age or race but the ad is intended for women. Kohls products and the shopping experience the company focuses on is SHE. She is the working women, housewife that is on the go. She wants to find affordable clothing at a great price and can get in and out of the store without any inconsistencies. The ad does focus on those who can afford the products sold at Kohls and who is able to spend the amount advertised to receive a coupon. What type of lifestyle is presented? Is it realistic? Why or why not? The lifestyle presented is unrealistic. I work for Kohls and this type of advertisement is a great c areer move for the company but an addiction for customers. The Kohls bills is a mental crack that toys with customers. Customers go crazy for Kohls cash. The majority of customers are spending so much money to get a $10 coupon. People do not sack they have to spend money in order to get a coupon. This is unrealistic because people are spending their money on things they do not need or they are over spending. This is how people become addicted to shopping and addicted to shopping at Kohls. I see the same person either everyday or every other day in the store each week. The ad presents a materialistic lifestyle because people are willing to by materialistic items and spend money in order to gain from it. What is the textbook, written or in another form, of the message? What do you see and hear written or spoken words, photos, drawings, logos, design, music, sounds, and so on? The coupon resembles a dollar bill. The coupon is the color green like money and had white writing on the coupon. The coupon has big bold letters stating Kohls Cash with the dates below the name of the coupon, which states when the coupon starts and when the coupon ends. What is the hidden text? What is unstated or implied in the message? The coupon states for every $50 dollars spent the customer will receive a $10 dollar coupon. The text that is hidden in the coupon does not accurately specify that if the customer goes over the $50 dollar limit the coupon will increase by $10 dollars. The unstated message for the coupon includes the tax. The customer must actually spend $53 dollars in order to receive the coupon because the coupon is only redeemable before taxes not after taxes. What values are expressed?The coupon expresses high quality vales that Kohls gives to their customers. In todays economy people cannot afford many things the way they used to including clothing. The prices of clothing, has increased and people want to save money. The coupon gives customers the expression of saving and receiving. Customers can receiving a superfluous coupon for spending a certain amount in the store. The customer can apply the coupon to anything in the store. The customer is not limited to certain purchases when using the coupon but Kohls is putting their customers first and establishing a YES WE CAN environment for the customers. What groups of people are empowered in this message? What groups are disempowered? How so? Everyone willing to spend $50 dollars or more are empowered by this message. The message alone gives empowerment to customers because customers are benefiting from their spending.Those who are disempowered are the people who do not spend or do not want to spend the amount required to receive the coupon. Each individual spending the amount feels empowerment because they are able to buy anything in the store to receive the coupon and the individual can buy anything in the store when they can use the coupon. The coupon does not limit to certain items in t he store. Those who do not spend the amount requested do not have an reinforcement where as those who do spend the requested amount will gain an advantage. What part of the story is not being told? How and where could you get more information about the untold stories? Kohls Cash will be applied prior to percent-off total purchase discounts. Kohls Cash Coupon may not be redeemed (1) on purchases of Kohls Cares cause merchandise or other charitable items (2) to reduce customers Kohls Charge or any third party charge account balance (3) as price adjustments on prior purchases or (4) to purchase Gift Cards. If merchandise purchased earning a Kohls Cash Coupon is subsequently returned or price adjusted, the value of the Kohls Cash Coupon previously earned and/or the amount of the merchandise retort will be reduced to reflect any unearned value. Return value of merchandise purchased with a Kohls Cash Coupon may be subject to adjustment ( Can these messages affect how you think and feel? Why or why not? Provide examples. Yes these messages can affect how the customer feels. When the coupon is used and a percentage is used together the percentage will change due to the Kohls cash. I had a customer that did the math on her own prior to checking out. Once I rung the customer up she noticed that the percentage was less then what she calculated. I had to explain to her that when she used a percentage and the Kohls cash the percentage will decrease because of the Kohls cash. The customer was very upset and not satisfied. She said Kohls cash is not useful to spend, because I am being cheated. The customer was unaware of the information stated in the back. The coupon states what will happen if a percentage and the cash is used together. Can these messages affect your behavior? Why or why not? Provide examples. The message does affect my behavior because the coupon itself becomes a scuffle when trying to explain to customers the rules of the coupons. Some custome rs accept the terms and they are okay with it once I explain and show them, but I have had customers rubbish me to the end and be very cruel to me because the customer failed to read the rules of how to spend the coupon.For the most part, the coupon is nice but overall customers do not realize they have to spend money to get a coupon. The coupon is not a reward for being a loyal customer or for having a Kohls credit card. The customer has to spend a certain amount in order to receive the coupon but they do not have to spend a certain amount to cash the coupon in. Can the messages affect the cultural values in society in general? Why or why not? Provide examples.

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