Thursday, May 16, 2019

Critically Evaluate the Reasons for the Rise in Position of Apple Essay

Critically Evaluate the Reasons for the get on in Position of Apple Brandin the Best Global Brands in 2011 - Essay ExampleThough an different(prenominal)s examine it to be time consuming and sometimes frustrating, strategic planning has been found to lead to quality finding making if applied goodly (Westphal & Frederickson, 2001, p.1113). This essay tries to find the possible determinants of the placeal rise to 8th incline of the apple brand in the global brands. Moreover, the rise in position has been linked closely to effective strategic planning hence, some of the apparatuss used in strategic planning have been analyzed and plea for the choice of each tool given. Introduction According to Tapinos, Dyson & Meadows (2005, p.370) recently the topic of strategic planning has wasted a lot of discussions focusing on its effective implementation and the possible outcomes. The subject has attracted both a posteriori and theoretical exploration as entrepreneurs try to seek more information regarding it. Effective planning has been associated to improve performance, successful implementation and good decision making. Organizations are facing difficult times due to bleak technologies, market and economic changes globalization and deregulation. Consequently, all these activities call for the application of proper business techniques and the adoption of appropriate planning tools. Although some people may argue that strategic planning has its own ineffectiveness, the advantages that come on with it are overwhelming (Falshaw, Glaister & Tatoglu, 2006, p.9). Strategic planning allows an government to comprehend itself by analyzing its vision and objectives in detail. If it is suitably implemented, it will enable an face to realize its full potential. Some of the tools employed in planning strategically are discussed below. Tools for Strategic Planning The SWOT analysis tool is the most commonly employed tool to help an organization determine its possibl e position within the industry of its operation. SWOT refers to the analysis of an organizations strengths, its weaknesses, available opportunities and finally threats that are facing it (Lyles, Baird, Orris & Kuratko, 2000, p.38). First is to determine the internal position of an organization by assessing its strengths and possible weaknesses. Strengths refer to the most effective skills that are employed by an organization in the attainment of its vision. Some of such skills include employees of high expertise and advanced technology. On the other hand weaknesses are those things that hinder a firm from attaining its full potential such as useable areas conflicts and production costs which are very high (Meers & Robertson, 2007, p.303). Brews & Purohit (2007, p.68) asserts that having analyzed its internal position, an organization needs to understand its external position by analyzing the available opportunities and its external threats. Opportunities refer to the currently avai lable or possible future circumstances that are likely to provide a favorable environment for the firms growth. They include conditions such as completion decrease, market population increase and favorable legislation. On the other hand, threats refer to the currently available or future environmental conditions which are likely to provide adverse environment for a firms growth such as, unfavorable legislation and new product-development by competitors. An effective SWOT analysis provides an organization with a clear picture of its

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