Friday, May 10, 2019

Script Adaptation Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Script Adaptation - Coursework ExampleShe gesticulates very actively and addresses the audience. Her eyes ar constantly moving as if the girl is asking someone from the audience to help her and take her from this dense life. Bridget stretches her hands to the sky and tells that she hates seeing her stimulate phoning the list of people who had died. The decorations are changed when Bridgets mother appears on the stage. There are more dark colours now. This is closely connected with the womens relation to death. During the parley between two people a calm but alerting music is playing. These sounds give the odour that something awful or strange will happen soon. The girl asks her mother to give up phoning the list. Bridged embraces and kisses her mother. Her gestures are very gentle. She should do everything that may show her passion towards mother. The latter stays calm and says that she is not prep to stop phoning the list of dead people. Bridged tells that these things affect their relationship in the family the girl turns aside and bursts out crying. Her mother leaves. More lights appear on the stage after her disappearance. In a few seconds a rum in black coat comes to Bridget, touches her hand and tells that Archie Shearer killed Jennifer MacDonnell. There is a silent scene after these words. deeds Cited Coady, Lynn. Strange Heaven. Canada Goose Lane Editions, 2010.

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