Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Web based training management system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Web based training management system - sample ExampleThe continuous search for value in the business organizations aided by technological revolution has led to significant investment into the development of the almost critical resource of the organizations, the human resource. There have been radical changes in the area of organizational training. LRH Manufacturing Inc. has also decided to use a Web establish Training Management System. The project is aimed at improving the deliverables of the training activity by way use of IT in rigorous planning, deployment, feedback, data compilation, review and change aspects of training. The traditional classroom training in organizations is increasingly being replaced by web based training because of its user friendliness, low cost and amount of meaning it can offer to users. At the same time it is a change activity which is to be positioned as change in cultural aspect of the organizations.The expose to success of the change is communica tion with the people who will be affected by the new training project to gain their support. In line with the establishment regulation which stipulates Web Based Training Management. Key to success is creating awareness and managing project back upholders expectations to minimize resistance and gain the necessary support to make slaying of improvement solutions successful.Stakeholders are individuals and groups who have the ability to influence or are impacted by the direction and success of the project. In the project under discussion, the stakeholders in the case of LRH Manufacturing Inc. have been defined as all the managers and executives of all the key departments viz. Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Office Management, Product instruction Research and Manufacturing Distribution. A stakeholder analysis was carried to differentiate communication needs among the stakeholders. A project stakeholder map (1) was developed whic h involved steps like listing of stake holders, listing of impact of project, organizational importance and attitudinal response to the project. Accordingly two main distinct groups have emerged i.e. Core Functions and support function. The prevailing regulations are aimed at the requirement that the product which is in the medical care area is reliable, accurate and cost effective since it is used for human life. Accordingly product research and manufacturing dissemination are taken as core function. As the project is about web training, human resource and IT have been clubbed with core functions. The support function is gross revenue & marketing finance and office management. Higher level of acceptance and involvement is a critical success factor especially among the core functions and not so critical for support function, the communication plan will be different for the two categories. The Project Communication PlanCommunication is defined as, The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, or writing. (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition). This essentially means that communication associated with a project has a unmarried focus - bringing or aligning different minds associated with the event / plan of the organization on to a platform of similar understanding on the output to achieve collaboration and unidirectional response to the issue involved. The communication plan is divided into following elementsContent / ThemeThe content type has been developed by reviewing the goal of the project and its value addition to the organization. The information content contains relevant details which include the compelling need to change, impact of change on individuals and organization, the help of change, time schedules. The company vision and policy will be a part of the communicationMode The specific mode of communication for specific determine communication has been selected taking relevant facto rs in account. It is necessary that the communication target for change management is to be carried out by

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