Friday, July 26, 2019

Analysis of Katharine Brushs Story Birthday Party Essay

Analysis of Katharine Brushs Story Birthday Party - Essay Example The reader doesn’t know anything about him, but using â€Å"self-satisfied† makes the first impression negative. The woman was presented as â€Å"fadingly pretty with big hat†. It’s obvious that the couple is not just married, they are not that young. The fact that she was wearing a big hat does not seem to be important, but at the end of the story, Katherine clarifies that it was her best hat. The surprise she prepared for her husband was quite banal, though the author let us know that it was thoroughly prepared: after the musicians played â€Å"happy birthday† the woman â€Å"beamed with shy pride over her little surprise†. Now it’s clear that she tried her best to please her husband, while his negative reaction to that surprise made her cry. Though we don’t know what exactly he said to his wife, Katharine characterized his words as â€Å"quick and curt and unkind†.Brush used bright adjectives which might seem to be a l ittle bit exaggerative, but that’s exactly what is needed in a short story to emphasize the ideas conveyed.

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