Monday, July 22, 2019

Civil Engineering Essay Example for Free

Civil Engineering Essay Introduction This research aims to identify and highlight the career opportunities awaiting fresh graduates of civil engineering. This research further aims to look at the specific jobs that are available for them, amount of work load, basic salaries and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of particular choice of specialized civil engineering practice such as structural, water resources, environmental, construction, transportation and geo-technical engineering, among others. Statement of the Problem With the wide variety of specialized practice of civil engineering, newly graduated civil engineers need to be aware of the requirements of each specialization and fully understand the other details of the job. Being fresh from the realms of the academe, these fresh civil engineering graduates need to be guided accordingly as they ready to join the civil engineering workforce. Presenting the result of this study will help them evaluate their specific areas of interest within the bounds of the civil engineering career and will enable them to make an intelligent choice as to what career they really want to pursue. Proposed Solution This study will employ in-depth analysis of the career opportunities and choices available for civil engineering graduates. As such, specialized civil engineering fields will be identified and explained, the likeability that a new graduate will pursue a specific field will be determined and the factors that should be considered in choosing a specific career path. Methods In order to address the research problem, the researcher will employ quantitative and qualitative research method which is designed to complement each other’s findings. Respondents of the research will be practicing civil engineers. Using the qualitative research design, the researcher will conduct a survey to compare factors such as the specialized field where civil engineers usually get for their first job and the basic salary offer for an entry level position. The qualitative research design will include in-depth interviews of practitioners on the specifics of their jobs, the factors that should be considered in choosing a line of practice and other pertinent information about the field based on their experience. Conclusion This research aims to help fresh civil engineering graduates in making a decision of which career path to pursue after college by presenting the choices available for them along with the considerations and factors that might affect their decision. First hand data will be gathered through survey and interview of practicing civil engineers specialized in different fields to get information based on their experience.

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