Thursday, August 8, 2019

Public vs private management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Public vs private management - Research Paper Example The first difference is on the ownership of the organization where the public sectors are run and financed by the government, and the private sector is operated and owned by the corporation or the private owners. In the public sector, all employees including the managers work for the governments while the employees in the private sector work for the organization (Dresang, 2009). The other difference between the two sectors is that public sectors are established by law. This fact discourages managers from changing the laws depending on the changing conditions. On the other hand, directors in a private sector can change the objective when necessary. The output of a private sector can be valued by the paying customers. This is easily captured on the organization’s objectives, missions and decision criteria. However, it may not be easy for the market forces to dictate the gains of a public sector entity (Mgbeke, 2009). Therefore, private sectors have the responsibility to generate satisfactory returns on their investment and private investors get more motivation to put more investments. Contrary to this, public sectors still have the assumption that their capital is free, and the need to gain massive profits are ignored (Dresang, 2009). Skills One skill a public manager should develop is the ability to communicate with the public. The communication with the pubic and other outsiders is a paramount and effective skill for the public manager.

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