Thursday, September 26, 2019

Leadership and Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Leadership and Management - Essay Example â€Å"The quality of leadership, more than any one single factor, determines the success or failure of an organization† (Arizona State University, 2009). It is important to analyze and understand the different traits of leadership and management for a firm to operate with success. The trait approach of leadership helps to analyze the qualities of the business personnel’s. It the recent era business affairs change often, so the managers must keep clear perceptions and visions for the future actions to be implemented in an organization. A good leader in a business firm must have five important traits in him; these are self confidence, intelligence, integrity, determination and sociability. The other theory for leadership is the style theory. The different leadership styles are ‘authority compliance style’, ‘country club management style’, ‘impoverished management style’, ‘team management style’ and middle-of -the-road-ma nagement’ (Bush, 2010). An organization can also be operated with variable types of management methods. These types are autocratic, democratic, participative and Laissez Fair in features. The management style of Malin Global is autocratic in nature. Hugo Freinnes the CEO of the company undertakes the primary decisions of the firm by himself. Hogo had set up the satellite operation in 2010, this operation helped to facilitate its tasks in New York. However in order to successfully run the business Hugo decided to move to New York for two years. Marina Guedeline was appointed by Hugo to head the operations in the London office. He did not take the opinion of the other employees for this task. Thus, Malin Global had an autocratic form of management style. However, Marina desired to run operations by both participative and democratic pattern. She appointed various workers in the company like Li Piung Ho, Agneta Solvig etc to accomplish the jobs in the London office of Malin Globa l. At the same time, in order to conclude on business decisions, Marina took the help of other employees. Both the leaders of Malin Global, Hugo and Marina pursued efficient leadership skills. They processed the correct intelligence to analyze the changing environmental factors that could affect the business of Malin Global. They had the self confidence and determination to make changes in the business operations of Malin Global. Both of them operated the company with integrity and had the ability to instil the same values to the others. However, the sociability trait was doubted in the organization because certain workers claimed that the company is a male dominated organization and some officials were not ready to work under female heads. The success of a business firm depends on its management skills. A business firm should follow democratic principles than autocracy in it. The employees should be allowed to innovate and participate in different projects in an organization but th e officials and seniors of the association must be respect and obey. Discrimination in terms of caste, creed, religion or sex must be strictly prohibited in an organization. Motivation in Business Motivation is a physiological characteristic feature that helps an entity to execute its tasks and achieve the desired goals. The primary driving force of an organization is motivation of the employees. If the employees of an organization are not well coordinated and motivated to work then it would be almost difficult to accomplish any

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