Saturday, September 28, 2019

Skills Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Skills Development - Essay Example Additionally, it is a task of knowing your personal weaknesses, coming up with plans of action on how you can improve them (Lumley and Wilkinson, 2014, p.1). Lumley and Wilkinson (2014, p.1) add that there are more graduates looking for jobs, therefore, a person needs to have distinct features in order to stand out of the crowd. Graduates need to provide distinctive evidence that they not only possess transferable skills, but also special kind of mindsets. Basically, a key factor for employment is a person’s mindset, which is characterized by varied attitudes that are often demonstrated through a range of activities. For example, the extracurricular activities that people engage in. Richard (2009, p.7) advises that, the development of accounting staff should not be neglected as this can be a long term detriment to a business. The fresh graduate’s portfolio needs to have a multiple knowledge base with a range of skills that are acquired through the university curriculum and then consolidated by practice. Indeed, a variety of technical skills assist professional accountants to satisfy their employers by conducting their work efficiently and effectively. Essentially, functional and technical skills involve a range of general skills and skills that are specifically tailored to the field of accountancy. The skills required include, risk analysis and decision making, numeracy skills, measurement skills, reporting skills, and compliance with regulatory and legislative necessities (Oussii and Klibi, 2013, p119). The accounting profession has faced a close scrutiny due to failure of high-profile corporates, globalization, and mutable technologies. As a result, more employers are in quest of a diverse range of attributes and skills as a requirement to offer employment (Kavanagh and Drennan, 2008, p. 280). K avanagh and Drennan (2008, p. 280) assert that,

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