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Analysis of theoretical explanations of the relationship between Essay

Analysis of theoretical explanations of the relationship between technology and society - Essay Example 2.1 Technological determinism is a reductionist theory which holds the assumption that a society’s technology plays a crucial role in driving the development of its social structure as well as the cultural values (McLoughlin 1999, 32). The social structures evolve as a result of adapting to the technological change. The theory also suggests that technology moves on its own course which is normally independent of the human direction. It is therefore regarded to as an autonomous system which ultimately permeates all other sub systems of a society. Technological determinism contributes to the conclusion that emergence of automated technology inevitably raises the level of skill as well as the autonomy of the work force. According to Webster (2002, 34), technological determinism is also a clear explanation of the relationship between technology and society which asserts that technology plays an important role in determining the social existence within a society. In most instances technological changes act as catalysts for societal change. The changes are either seen as literally outside the context of the society or metaphorically outside the society. In addition, the technological developments take place as a result of natural logic which is not socially or culturally determined. As a result, the developments enact change and social adaptation (McLouglin 1999, 39). 2.3 The reason as to why I think they are perfect examples is due to the impact they have on the society and their autonomy nature. Bearing in mind that technological determinism refers to technology as an autonomous system, the quotes support the idea behind that. For example, robots are slowly being assimilated into the systems of our homes and lives whereby they will play a central role later in the century just like both the internet and combustion do now. In reference to technological determinism, the revolution of

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