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'Youth Policy Kazakhstan\r'

' debut It is 8 o’clock in the morning. The alarm clock rings and everybody in the house wakes up. Kids get ready for school, adults go to work. Only Almas is not in a hurry, it has been six months since he graduated from university and cannot gamble a affair that suits him. While canvas at university everything seemed so easy: â€Å"Graduate, dislodge a good job, become gamy”. However, in reality, getting a job came out to be not as easy as he expected. younkerfulness unemployment is 1 of the conundrums in the world nowadays.The constituent of unemployed untested nation in Kazakhstan is equal to 28. 6% (â€Å"?????????? ???????? ???????????”, 2006). This means that the broad portion of callowness cannot aline halal jobs. It is a recognized detail that unemployment is one of the dynamics through which the social insure of a country can be defined. First of all, how can â€Å"youth” be defined? Youth is considered as any a form of life o r as a social category. The phase of life refers to youth being the stream between childhood and adulthood. In this subject I go forth consider boyish people at the age of 20 to 24.Secondly, what is considered as â€Å"unemployment”? According to Investopedia (2012), unemployment is â€Å"when a psyche who is actively searching for employment is futile to insure work”. According to the linked Nations Economic commission for Europe (UNECE, 2011), youth unemployment was one of the drivers of the worldwide financial crisis in 2008. Thus, a g overnmental youth indemnity is one of the of import insurance policy directions in which a lot of countries all over the world be trying to repair nowadays. The democracy of Kazakhstan is withal in the itemization of these states.The attitude of the Kazakhstani government to raw person people is seen in the law â€Å" rough governmental youth policy” ?581 from septenaryth of July 2004 (Kazahstanskaya Pravda, 2004). This law points out that youth argon the future of the republic and this law is created to curb the number of unemployed youth. According to the self-assurance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2003) the percentage of youth of the boilers suit population was equal to 29. 1% in 2003 (cited in: A Social characterization of infantile People in directly’s Kazakhstan, 2006).This means that the youth is a significant fraction of the country’s population. Nowadays, modern people face difficulties in receiving health service, good education, employment lodgement and other social recognises. By providing indorse to this portion of the population and paying more attention to the development of youth policy, the Kazakhstani government could give the country an prospect to build the basis for the brighter future for Kazakhstan. The main enquiry question of this report is: What factors atomic number 18 contributing to youth unemployment?I give be investigating the reason young people cannot find jobs; despite the fact that the government is making everything they can to overcome the number of unemployed young people. As I am graduating soon this issue has a direct connection to me, so I also want to find out what can I do to avoid this problem. In order to resolving power the key research question I depart follow the three research objectives. Firstly, as I have create verbally in the previous paragraphs young people have a huge define on the economy of any country.That is why I will analyze the on-going economic, social and political situation in Kazakhstan. Secondly, I will estimate the strong suit of youth policy of the government in Kazakhstan. Finally, I will consider the opinions of young people on the issue of youth unemployment. The research project will be of a survey and references. Questionnaires will be distributed among the alumni students of universities as Kazakhstan Institute of Economics, Management and strategic Re search (KIMEP), University of International Business (UIB), Kazakh-British technical foul University (KBTU) and others.The reason I’m choosing merely Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU) and others. The reason I’m choosing exactly this kind of survey is that results atomic number 18 likely to be objective because of to the anonymity of the surveyed people. Moreover, through questionnaires I will be able to gather information from a significant amount of people in a short time. The surveys are intend to be held during the midterm break (October, 2012). The representatives of such governmental youth organizations such as KIMEP Students Association (KSA) and â€Å"Zhas Otan” Youth Political company will be interviewed.I will interview them, as they know the problem from the inside: from the governmental point of view. Also, they are university graduates, so they can analyze the problem by combining the two opposite sides. Interviews are helpful, as durin g the interview I will be able to ask questions I’m interested in and find new information from the knowledge and experiences of the representatives. Interviews will also be held in October, 2012. The start paragraph of this report gives information on the general background of research problem and also identifies the main research uestion. Moreover, creative activity includes the short description of the research methods. It also consists of the work plan. The second section addresses the publications review, which is based on the information dispassionate from academic articles of Google Scholar databases, EBSCOhost, magazines, Kazakhstani newspapers, different Internet resources, and books. The third chapter covers the data and methodological analysis information. The next chapter focuses on the analysis of original data and its discussion. The last chapter is the conclusion. It summarizes the done work.The sources use and gathered are provided in the bibliography sec tion. each(prenominal) section is approximately from four to seven pages. References: Eshpanova D. D. & Nysanbaev A. N. (2006). A Social Portrait of Young People in Today’s Kazakhstan. Russian Education and Society, 48, 75-96. Retrieved from EBSCOhost Database ????? ?????????? ????????? «? ??????????????? ?????????? ???????? ? ?????????? ?????????» ?? 7 ???? 2004 ???? #581 (Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan â€Å"about Governmental youth policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan” July 7, 2004, ?581).Kazahstanskaya Pravda, 158. ?????????? ???????? ??????????? ????? ???????? (The problem of unemployment amoung young people). (2006). Zakon. Retrieved from http://www. zakon. kz/77840-obsuzhdeny-problemy-bezraboticy-sredi. html United Nations Economic Committee (2011). Men are more moved(p) by rising youth unemployment in most UNECE countries. Retrieved 10, September, 2012, from: http://www. unece. org/statshome/news/newsyouth-uneployment-rate. html\r\n'

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