Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Reaction on Aliens’ Ownership Right of Real Property in the Philippines Essay

A Reaction on Aliens Ownership Right of Real Property in the FilipinosAng Pilipinas ay para sa mga Pilipino. (The Philippines is for the Filipinos)Does it go bad patriotic or nationalistic? Or does it pertain to selfish motives or mercenary actions?It is a fact that many aliens have been invading to the Philippines. Yes, they ar aliens the non-Philippine nationals or foreigners. Most of them atomic number 18 fascinated and attracted to the beautiful sceneries around the Philippine archipelago. Others also pursue their business c atomic number 18ers in the coun study, they are the investors, and the business orient great deal who wish to put up their capitals and trade whether in a form of sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation.The aliens are granted the expert to acquire a land or real property (immovable property) provided that they ordain consider the provisions chthonic the Philippine Anti-Dummy Law the limitations on certain(p) economic activity including the enj oyment of rights. In line with the Condominium operation of the Philippines, Republic Act 4726, the aliens are given the right to completely sustain a condominium unit but when it comes to project, the corporation must be composed of only 40%foreign investors. On the other hand, under the Investors Lease Act of the Philippines, foreign nationals or corporation whitethorn enter into lease agreement with Filipino landowners for an initial period of cubic decimeter years and a renewable extension of 25 years.As we try to comprehend to the law, it is really pro-Filipino. We noticed that the there are only 40% foreign investors or the stockholders and the 60% come from Filipinos. Its also intelligible that the aliens are prohibited to completely possess lands which are really in accordance to Article XII, Section 7 of the Philippine Constitution.Talking roughlywhat the 40% foreign capitalists and investors, the Philippine government can gain taxes from them which in turn can b e used to accommodate common goodish for the Filipinos.The issue on Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or prominently called pork barrel barges in. That huge amount of money came from the taxpayers, twain the Philippine nationals and non-Philippine nationals. But due to institutionalized corruption, the money which is intended for the people in the society are being stole by some of the national officials. This is another dilemma that the Philippine government should take into devotion and action.Back to the issue on aliens, the mediocre are skeptical whether the foreigners are given the right to fully own resources in the country or not. This is to clarify that they are not given the full authority they are good given the opportunity to get into the business world which in turn both the aliens the Filipinos can gain something. It does not mean that though they have been advancing to the country, they steal whats ours. There are laws for them to follow, thus, theres no way for us to worry.The law has been already promulgated. all(prenominal) we can do is to deal with it, just no racial deviation, just focus for the common good of all Filipinos.The aliens are striving for their benefits, the uniform way should we act for ourselves. Lets do our part and bewilder to our virtues as we keep burning the Filipino spirit

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