Friday, April 26, 2019

One-child policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

One-child indemnity - raise Exampleture of global peace and development tend to focus on Chinas economy, its refutal and armaments buildup and Chinas access to resources and energy. Yet, the one economic factor that is often overlooked in this abbreviation is Chinas one child policy and its fast changing demography. China happens to be the worlds most populated nation. Right after the coming into existence of the Peoples Republic of China, the nation experienced a propitious universe growth owing to a go against medical c atomic number 18 and sanitation and this race growth was envisioned to be an advantage (Button 468). Mao Zedong believed that unconstipated if the population of China augmented manifold, the nation had the resources to cope up with it. However, a fast increasing population putting stress on the nations food security encouraged the government to prefer for a one child policy in 1979, a measure that had both favorable and pretty consequences for the nations economic growth, demographic configuration and socio-economic characteristics (Button 467).There is no denying the fact that in the part of underdeveloped nations, supporting and sustaining population in the light of the available scarce resources is a great challenge. In that context China had always been pursuing a very planned and systematic approach towards its population growth in a contemporary scenario. In the light of this fact, the nation introduced the one child policy in 1979, in an aggressive bid to improve its economic situation and to augment the peoples standard of living (Connor 1). The one child policy required the couples belonging to ethnic Han majority to hold themselves to a single child (Connor 1). Although, to begin with, the one child policy was intended to be a short term measure, the nations success in reducing the population count by 400 million motivated it to continue with a revised version of the one child policy till today (Connor 1). As per Chinas o ne child policy the urban couples are

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