Saturday, April 27, 2019

Religion of the Incas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Religion of the Incas - Essay fontThis paper approves that the holiness of the Incas greatly affected the day to day lives of the people and it withal affected the preaching that women received from the community in general. The hierarchy of the Inca society was the emperor, the royal family, the upper aristocracy, the administrators, the nobilities, the artisans then the laborers who were the least in the Inca society. Sometimes the Incas sacrificed their animals or even people to their gods especially their sun god. On the other hand the Incas religion affected the people such that there were a lot of religious sacrifices which were made following veritable events such as the death of an emperor or even an earthquake. Similarly the priests who were leading the religious ceremonies in Inca had to act like todays nuns whereby they even lived in convents which were secluded from the rest of the people. This essay makes a conclusion that similarly the Inca religion was very advanc ed in comparison to the other religions of the civilizations during the time of the civilization. This is because during this layover they had a very advanced form of worship whereby they worshipped a feline god and they also built many temples which were equipped with several underground chambers that were dedicated to the worship ceremonies. The Inca religion greatly affected the day to day lives of the people and it also affected the treatment that women received from the community in general in terms of their recreational activities, farming activities, architecture as well as the rule ship of the spiritual leaders.

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