Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Sexualization of Disney Charaters Research Paper

The Sexualization of Disney Charaters - Research Paper ExampleThe problem, is that Disney has began marketing itself as a brand that reaches reveal and entertains family members of all ages. The company also uses unrealistic depictions of the physical consider of their princess characters in the sense that rather than having a little girl playing a role, the character is always a young woman whose soma and actions depicts that of an unrealistic fashion model rather than that of a real world child dealing with image issues. In other words, Disney sexualizes their characters to the point that instead of inspiring little girls to love themselves, they instead learn to self-loathe because they do not meet the standards set by the Disney characters that they admire the most. They do not learn to love themselves as they are because the Disney characters are not depicted in a realistic manner. The problem with this situation is that Disney princess characters extract a tremendous amount of influence over the minds of little girls. Peggy Orenstein explains that The companys wares reflect the changing taste of their demographic and its the change thats disturbing. Think of their memory as a livid slate that is ready to be written upon. Little girls know nothing about demographics, what is right or wrong, or even how a girl should perceive herself. That is something that is influenced by the mass media marketing that is controlled by Disney. That writing becomes the impression by which the child leads her life afterwards. In the case, Disney, through its artists rendering influences the little girl into believe what they want her to believe in order to move their products and sell their movie tickets and videos. Previous Disney incarnations of their princesses were mostly hands-off females who looked to men in order to be saved. However, Disney decided to go a different route in an effort to keep up with the feminist cause. Hence the empowered and sexually charge d portrayal of their accredited crop of princesses (Greenfield, Beth Disney Princess Makeover Sparks Outrage Merida Petition Goes Viral). Let us remember that starting with Ariel, the little mermaid, Disney began servicing up young women who are basically self-centered and with a knack for getting themselves into trouble. Ariel as a princess of the sea thought only of herself and her dreams and her ambitions. When she came across her prince charming, she then set her sights on snagging him to the extent of endangering herself in the process.

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