Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Writing Assignmet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Writing Assignmet - shew ExampleCQR critics, like Beeson, point out that Section 15 of the US Patriot Act violates the initiative and 4th Amendments of the constitution by curbing the rights of interfering in a citizens personal entropy without his or her knowledge. The right in this provision helps the law to identify suspects and terrorists as soon a possible. It is a god idea because it helps in obviating terrorist acts and by taking preventive measures.According to the CQR, such powers pass over the obliging liberties related to the infringement of political and free speech rights. The Bush and Obama administrators were criticized for abusing civil liberties in the call down of their war on terrorism. The major civil liberties purported to be abused were the liberties related to free speech.The FBI and the CIA conducted an enquiry into the civil rights. The international group has strongly criticized the interference in a persons fundamental rights and has express that the individual rights always take a backseat and suffer due to these actions.7. How does the Brandon Mayfield lineament support or decline this claim? You will need to look up Brandon Mayfield as he is non mentioned in this chapter. I recommend that you type his name into the Google search engine. Please avoid Wikipedia throughout the course.The Brandon Mayfield case supports the claim because Brendon was arrested not after investigation, but based on the assumption that he played a fundamental component part in the bombings. Brandon Mayfield case was simply linked to a bombing case without any evidence and his believability was hampered due to the arrest. The US law did nothing to counter the harm done to Brandons personality.8. Compare the case of another detainee, Mahr Arar, (mentioned in CQR but not in the chapter associated with this assignment) with that of Brandon Mayfield How are their cases similar and how are they different? I recommend

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