Friday, September 13, 2019

Business Management Technology Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Business Management Technology Report - Essay Example Inevitably, the organisation evolved to be able to develop strategic plans for the effective management of technological systems that supports its business operations – most primarily, focusing on internet transactions and eCommerce applications. The internet trade service of HSBC bank provides the customer with a wide range of financial products at a single point of entry. In the case of large organisations, banking with HSBC would be a unique experience considering their access to large volumes of data and better financial control, through setting reasonable transfer limits across different people and easy access to tools and services. In addition, HSBC has developed tremendous support for the export/import business units as well, be it a new player in the business or person with considerable years of experience. In order to better banking experience for its customers, HSBC has been trying hard to promote the internet banking among its customers. This would require more efficient operational systems which include robust security systems to protect the transfer of private information. Thus the possible improvements in this connection can be proposed only after a closer introspection of prevailing technological competence of HSBC. The HSBC has the privilege of having the best I.T. security systems to protect the transactions through the internet. But as the technology is changing rapidly to prevent any large scale frauds or possibility of any losses it need to evolve appropriate SISP considering the business growth potential. The potential use of techniques like biometrics could also be attempted to strengthen its security systems. The report presents the various opportunities that HSBC could explore to strengthen its security systems for the benefit of customers. The impact of the information and communication technologies have

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