Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Description of the Market and Market Metrics Essay

Description of the Market and Market Metrics - Essay Example The SMEs chosen for the product are located in good numbers and they may require this product to have better communication with their partners and clients. The government organizations have been chosen, to convince the authorities who will recommend or approve the products usage. This will help in promoting the product among government and the related organizations. Large corporate organizations in the Rift Valley Region need to reduce their running costs and one of the ways they can do so is by having a reliable and cost effective means of doing their regular essential forms of business communication. Capturing this market will increase the product value and make it more sellable. The fourth market chosen is the education sector. It has been chosen as a target market as one of the ways to help the government achieve its goals on education for all (EFA) by taking e-learning to their homes. SMEs have been chosen as one of the targeted markets because the Rift Valley Region of Kenya is the largest and one of the most economically vibrant provinces. It has a good number of Small and Medium Enterprises running businesses in this area. The government of Kenya has good intentions in advancing it’s style of working. It intends to adapt to more technological methods that will enhance the speed, quality and reliability of work between its various offices. Thus the Kenyan government could extend a warm welcome to this new Telecon software which is capable of revolutionizing the working system of the government authorities. The large corporate organizations present in the Rift valley region are situated sparsely and they need new technologies to improve their performance. The are corporate with good financial background, they intend to increase their profit with the aid of new communication methods like Telecon. In the

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