Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Building and Sustaining Strong Talent Pipeline Essay

Building and Sustaining Strong Talent Pipeline - Essay Example Implementation of essential principles is essential to bring a positive change in the organizational structure as well as in the employees' performance. Some of the main objectives for the application of principles include understanding the employees’ nature, understanding the organizational culture, developing effective leaders, developing productive teams, and increasing employee productivity. There are five main types of behaviors included in the organizational behavior literature. The types of behaviors include organizational citizenship, task performance, joining and staying with the organization, counterproductive work behaviors, and maintaining work attendance. All these types of behaviors are of significant importance for the success of an organization. Studying organizational behavior is extremely necessary for managers to increase productivity of their respective companies and organizations. The study not only makes an employee know his/her importance in the organiza tion as an employee but also helps him/her develop some key characteristics and behaviors that an employee requires to progress in the professional life. Managers of the organizations must be able to recognize the unique perspectives of their employees in order to manage a better working relationship with the employees. The knowledge of organizational behavior

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