Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The impact of the current recession (global financial crisis) on human Essay

The impact of the current recession (global financial crisis) on human resource management - Essay Example y, 2004), and its results have affected all international economic sectors of production, triggering a huge and deep job crisis which has directed to a profound social downfall around the globe. In Spain, the impacts of the crisis on the labor industry have been much more distracting as compared to the rest of the continent(Burke, 2013), and almost six million individuals have lost employments. In the shadow of this background, it became imperative to analysis what further impacts have emerged on the human resource management after the current global economic crisis and what roles of human resource management have been to react after the crisis. What are the major aspects in acquiring the employee involvement? And what changes have occurred in the HRM operations. The competency of a suitable communication strategy in a situation of crisis, both with regard to organizations and employees, comprises an important aspect which could be elaborated as the strategic responsibility of HRM wh en confronting with a shift in the economic scenario. In this context, the aim of this research study is to evaluate the response of human resource management in the current economic recessions. Afterwards, there will be a reflective learning about the topic which will highlight the major concepts and learning essence which have been acquired throughout the course. Acquiring sustainable competitive edge relies on creation and execution of adequate human resource policies in complex and dynamic contexts. The augmenting interest focus in the strategic management of companies has caused in emphasizing on numerous functions of companies with their responsibilities in the strategic management procedure. Strategic human resource management is the framework of the structured human resource activities and usage intended to facilitate a company to acquire its objectives. Strategic human resource management is a concept to take decisions on the plans and policies of the business focusing

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