Tuesday, October 8, 2019

China as a super power Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

China as a super power - Term Paper Example On March 4, 2007, China announced that it was going to increase its military to a total of 45 billion dollars (Tkacik, 2007). This was the biggest annual increase in China’s military budget; however, China was quick to reassure the world that there was no need to worry by calling the increment normal. A further look into this increment indicated that China has an intention to challenge the United States’ military supremacy. This could lead to a situation where China is the United States’ single competitor with regard to influence and military supremacy. China’s air force and space activity is on the rise. The army in China has got roughly 300 Russian fourth generation flankers; it has also got several homemade Jian-11 planes and 76 Sukhoi multi-role fighter jets. Russia and Israel assisted the Chinese air force in procuring 50 Jian-10 fighter jets. These jets were based on the United States F-16 technology. China has intentions to build more of these plane s. China has increased its production and deployment of the short-range ballistic missiles which are said to be aimed at Taiwan. This production has grown from 50 per year in 1990s to 150 missiles annually today. The industries that produce such missiles in China are said to grow at the same pace. In general, China’s rocket soldiers and its air force are expanding at an unprecedented pace. According to China’s 2006 White Paper, there is evidence that China is moving to offensive. This military might of China is growing from regional to trans-regional mobility. The air to ground military capacity has also grown, including long distance maneuvers and exceptional operations. The Chinese navy has grown in strength into a force that can operate in the maritime operations and can ably handle nuclear counterattacks. The Chinese air force has continued to increase its capabilities to strike, tried to procure air and missile defense shield systems and is looking into more offen sive and defensive operations. All these are an early warning shot of the Chinese reconnaissance. According to a report by Congress, China’s policy is now global and extremely bold. China has always been underrated and many times the United States said that China has not acquired the status of a super power. Thomas Jefferson, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, observed that the United States had to trade all over the world if it had to become a global power economically. Beijing’s assessment is that it has grown to the extent that its economic growth depends on foreign markets. This also includes the natural resources from other countries around the world. China‘s economy has been growing rapidly, and China is seeking military might that can protect this growth. This is similar to Jefferson’s observation that the United Stated had to build its military strength if it was to safeguard its military strength globally. It seems that the rise of the Pe ople’s Republic of China is both legitimate and inevitable (McLean, 2007). However, according to Condoleezza Rice, the former Secretary of State of the United States, the US needs to help China operate within the international rules framework before it has fully acquires the status of a military super power. Many view the rise of China as an exceedingly dangerous happening. Why does Bleicher think the fears are overblown? According to Samuel Bleicher, the idea that China is an emerging super power is a creation of the media. He believes s that

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