Saturday, October 5, 2019

Whatever matches the essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Whatever matches the - Essay Example The fundamental root of morality and ethics in the society is the teachings of religion. While different religions may have different stakes on suicide, it is forbidden in most of the religions particularly the Abrahamic religions including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The social structure of most nations, their norms and values, trends and traditions can be traced back to the prevailing religion of a vast majority of people making up those nations. Something like suicide that is inconsistent with the teachings of religion is ethically questionable. Suicide is violence and all forms of violence are ethically significant issues. Like in every act of crime, there is an offender and a victim in suicide. What makes this form of crime unique is that both the offender and the victim is the same person. This complicates suicide as a form of violence because the involvement of the will of the victim in being victimized serves as a hindrance for others to intrude even if they want to. Others are essentially caught in a dilemma. On one hand, they feel responsible not for stopping the person committing suicide because they probably could if they used force. On the other hand, they feel responsible for stopping the person committing the suicide and thus making that person take more tension and distress. The effects of suicide are not limited to the person who commits it, but extend beyond him/her to affect the family and friends and most other people who learn about the unfortunate event. In many cases, family members take extreme steps in emotional distress and also commit the suicide in an attempt to end the agony. Since a suicide has bad psychological effects on the friends and family in particular and the society in general, its ethical significance is not questionable. To conclude, suicide is undoubtedly an ethically significant issue on the grounds of religion, violence, and social effects. Suicide is a

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