Sunday, October 6, 2019

Law Enforcement and E-Government Transnational Issues Research Paper - 1

Law Enforcement and E-Government Transnational Issues - Research Paper Example Moreover, the paper will discuss the methods of government intervention while dealing with cyber threats, especially with regard to the laws that the government has set up. In addition, the paper will discuss the impacts of government regulation on national security. #1 The private industry is vital in the provision of national security, in the United States. This is because the private sector is involved in the development of advanced security systems. Companies in the private sector are engaged in the research and development of security mechanisms, as well as gadgets that help in improving the country’s security. The National Security Agencies rely on information from the private sector to develop the security mechanisms in the country. The knowledge acquired from the research conducted is used as the basis for enhancing the country’s security. In this regard, the government has an obligation to tell the private sector what they can set up and improve their cybersecu rity (Theohary, 2010). There are several ways, which the government can use in order to tell the private sector how to improve their cybersecurity. One of the ways in which the government can justify such an action is through introducing trusted internet connections, which will benefit all stakeholders in the private sector. ... Through the use of this approach, cyber threats are reduced since the government will monitor the flow of information, as well as the messages exchanged via the internet (Theohary, 2010). The government can also justify involvement in issues that relate to cybersecurity is through regulation of the information market. Market regulation plays a crucial role since it reduces the vulnerabilities, and the threats caused by market failure. The government should guide the private sector on how they should set up their cybersecurity since when the private sector is left alone to implement such provisions; competition in the market may result to poor quality services. The government should regulate how the private sector sets up cybersecurity in order to ensure that there is adherence to the set standards. Government intervention is always crucial since the private sector cannot follow standards if they are left alone to implement cybersecurity (Powner, 2010). There tends to be certain socio -political reasons and motivations, which precipitate the government to take part in cybersecurity. The most fundamental reason why the government takes part is because of the threat posed by terrorism. Since the September 11 attacks, the United States government has strived to ensure that all sectors are protected against terrorism. Terrorism is an issue of concern in the United States. The department of homeland security strives to ensure that all threats posed by terrorism are prevented. On this regard, therefore, the government intervenes in ensuring that the private sector does not become vulnerable to threats of terrorism. The other socio-political reason for the intervention of the government

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